Intense Wind, Cold Follow Winter Snow Storm

Icy roads and frigid conditions will continue for several days along the East Coast.
3:00 | 01/22/14

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Transcript for Intense Wind, Cold Follow Winter Snow Storm
This is a special group. -- -- -- -- Good morning everyone I'm down Cutler New York what is ABC news digital special reports on the storm that has blanketed the East Coast so many -- is digging out this morning one of them. Is Central Park in New York City and that is -- ABC's ginger -- is monitoring it off ginger. Then here we are Central Park in all that beautiful morning sunshine. Right here where we get anywhere from seven to officially eleven inches of snow that's in Central Park apart the Long Island other places got some ten to fourteen parts of Massachusetts. Closer look what happened and all that wind. And of course our next headline. We are in the single digits here in New York City feeling sub zero and this is only the first shot of cold air in a wave of three that he says really cold. Until the end of the weekend so once -- got this now this is not going anywhere it's gonna blow around a little today and it's is gonna stick and stick and become more icy. As we see -- -- stick around until early next week. -- kind ABC's ginger -- ginger thank you for that Massachusetts also got hit hard. I want to bring an AB c.'s -- a -- -- Jia. Morning view from America's hometown Plymouth -- the two -- Where it is just hammering us with winds here this snow and wind hammering us all morning long for several hours -- -- I was in Chicago remember that when that polar vortex did its damage there. And the temperature -- were really low. The wind was tough but I gotta tell -- it was nothing like the wind gusts we've seen here really -- that time doubles feeling like a tropical storm and I know that. Take a look here we've got this yardstick. Well it's much deeper now but some parts of those seeing some 1013. Inches of snow here. But in parts of Plymouth County were -- fifteen inches of snow. And all of this is really causing a -- all across the East Coast especially on the roads right now. -- -- -- -- Drivers from Illinois to Massachusetts this morning spinning sliding and struggling. It's all get out -- and really it's -- and flooding every life. In Roxbury township New Jersey this charter bus losing control on the icy road and plunging on its side down an embankment. Reportedly injuring three people. A similar scene northwest of Boston -- tractor trailer jumped a guardrail. Barreling onto the road below an -- multi vehicle pileup in central Indiana shut down this highway for hours. And this car just outside Washington DC. Losing control on the Arctic passable for vehicles still on the road. Those brakes just won't work. And blinding snow dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike want to tell -- sudden wide out east of Chicago. Caused this person to virtually disappear. Only to reappear just inches from the -- Watch again the driver unable to see this pedestrian until the very last second. And overnight in New York City the iconic 32 foot last Cuban casing. Apple's flagship store shattered. Reportedly by a passing snow -- Reports say the panel cost an estimated 445000. Dollars to fix. And apple might want to get that fixed quickly since the store has become one of New York city's most photographed attractions. So this should just keep going here in Plymouth Massachusetts -- Another several hours we're told it's going to be -- while and then after that comes that cold but ginger has been talking about and take a look beyond me that famous bank. It has been freezing over all morning long the feels like temperature right now nine degrees but I gotta -- -- it feels way colder than that -- Yeah I can imagine so of snow on Plymouth Rock this morning -- effective that. Of course thousands of flights canceled from the storm so many -- out and airports I want to bring in NBC's -- nine. Live at Reagan national airport Washington DC -- Hey good morning dad had very bad day. Just stupidly forgot your hat today you believe they got nearly forty inches of snow here and because of that there has been -- 14%. Cancellation of the flight. At Reagan national. This morning airport struggling to get back to normal operations this latest storm leaving -- battling heavy snow like this. Frustrated passengers stranded I was like yeah. -- -- and the frosty winter wallop leading to over 3000 flights canceled nationwide Tuesday the most miserable places to be really -- -- and new work. But there are some lucky -- we landed in the -- it looks like we were on the last train now and this family who made it back to Maine from Florida most of flights are canceled -- -- -- -- goes into making the call to delay or cancel flights and here we went along with the team and Washington Dulles international as they battled to keep the runways cleared to find out. They've -- since nobody I think the runway at the indictment -- -- how to -- and tell -- what. And then yeah -- While we were there this was considered the lowest visibility for pilots at Dulles when it starts getting down to -- we're -- -- a -- And across America there has been this morning nearly 3000. Flight delays. -- looking at right now over 15100 cancellations and. I read I will -- the off camera for you not Wear your hat today what is more likely though domestic international flights to be canceled. I you know that's a good question actually we -- -- -- Dallas yesterday they were saying surprisingly the international flights are actually moving out -- It really depends where your flight is traveling over if you're not anywhere near this northeast coal. And you're going somewhere -- that the much warmer it's easier for those flights. Internationally to get in and -- it really varies on exactly where your flight is going. Check with your airlines ABC's -- get inside get warmed up thank you for the report appreciate it. And of course a big thank you to the rest of our team this morning we will continue to monitor the storm as it is making its way up the New England coastline. -- not -- Cutler in New York with his ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":21623331,"title":"Intense Wind, Cold Follow Winter Snow Storm","duration":"3:00","description":"Icy roads and frigid conditions will continue for several days along the East Coast.","url":"/US/video/weather-report-intense-wind-cold-follow-east-coast-21623331","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}