Weinstein lawyer touts 'positive development'

Attorney Benjamin Branfman reacts to the Manhattan district attorney's decision to drop count six of the indictment against Harvey Weinstein.
4:33 | 10/11/18

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Transcript for Weinstein lawyer touts 'positive development'
So well my reaction to what happened today as it's obviously this is very positive development. I have said from the start. That it is says sexual assault is a serious crime. But falsely accusing someone of sexual assault is also a very serious crime. And I think what will be interest thing in the next couple of weeks. Is to see whether the district attorney's office has any interest in prosecuting. Who she Evans who. You'll see from the documents released. Has clearly in our opinion committed perjury on several locations. There's also an allegation that the lead detective on special victims unit. Who handled this case. Discreetly but intentionally discouraged an independent witness from coming falling then testifying about the Lucius Evans. Perjury. He is now to my knowledge there have been removed from the case but. He may have unfairly tainted these proceedings depending on whom he interviewed than what other misconduct we ultimately. This close this is not about victim chaining. And this is not about suggesting that a young woman who comes forward should not be believed. Absent proof this is about. Proof that a witness who came fully committed perjury in the grand jury. And the district attorney's office. To its credit has decided to dismiss this indictment. Because they discovered this this perjury but they discovered it because they did their investigation after the arrest. Harvey Weinstein and what troubles me is that when you are vilified. In the media as has missed the Weinstein. There is a rush the judgment which is offensive. To the concept of fairness and due process. There is a rush two arrests there is pressure. Two arrests and wet TC. It's not happen in this case when you do your homework after the arrest. Bad things happened and we are pleased that this development the case is not over but I think it is. Permanently. And irreparably. Damaged we will seek to dismiss. The indictment all of the counts and I just want to make one other comment. Charge of rate. That's in this case and the only rate that miss the Weinstein has been criminally accused of that is based on a consensual relationship we maintain that lasted for many years we provided the court would at least. Forty emails from the woman who claims to have been raped. To miss the Weinstein and done the alleged rape that Aaron gearing intended. Loving. Time arranging to meet win. Him again and the response from the district attorney's office. Is we didn't have to let the grand jury know that and by the way there is nothing in any of the emails. Suggesting that a rate did not happen. Why would you have an email. Saying that a rate did not happen if a rape did not happen. So it's I think sort of not. They ate an intelligent response from a group of really intelligent lawyers but I think they're dancing as fast as they can't I'll take a couple of questions. We've known about this development for weeks we've been under protect the border that we weren't permitted to discuss it. So today he had did not come as a surprise. He is obviously relieved them and to some degree. Please but Harvey Weinstein has maintained from the beginning. That he'd have a sexually assault that the C Evans or any of the other women that he's been accused of assaulting so. He's pleased that now the district attorney's office even agrees. That he hasn't been guilty of sexual assault the police would respect them. Would see evidence and what this Lucy revert to as continuing to interview. Other witnesses I hope they do and I hope they really interviewed them. But I hope they also investigate these allegations nobody did with all due respect to the brilliant journalists. Who covered this case eight New Yorkers back. Chapter. Stumbled upon this evidence wet as you will see from the letter that will be yet. To unsealed today. And new Yorker did nothing to push back against whom she Evans and use their repeatedly. As a key witness in all of their articles.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"Attorney Benjamin Branfman reacts to the Manhattan district attorney's decision to drop count six of the indictment against Harvey Weinstein.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58434217","title":"Weinstein lawyer touts 'positive development'","url":"/US/video/weinstein-lawyer-touts-positive-development-58434217"}