Western Citrus Crop Threatened by Winter Freeze

Storm system sweeping through America could have economic impact.
3:00 | 12/04/13

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Transcript for Western Citrus Crop Threatened by Winter Freeze
This is a special -- Report from the ABC. I'm tired and is in new York and this is an ABC news digital special report. From northern California to Texas and the midwest winter storm clean on his producing heavy snow. -- -- deep freeze -- -- to sweep across the continent over the next 48 hours. Latest for joining now from Los Angeles by ABC's brandy hit -- brand. Hi -- -- I am very happy to be working indoors here in California today you can deathly -- the freeze overnight in this state. But that is nothing compared to the huge amounts of snow we've been seeing piling up in the Rockies in the upper midwest. We're talking about an icy cold storm that just keeps on giving. The bitter blast of cold air is heavy snow has led to dozens of accidents from Utah to Colorado and Nevada. Now even as news group became the news with their own spin -- He icy polar express is leaving behind a -- to -- white mess and bone chilling temperatures. With several states dropping thirty to fifty degrees in just 24 hours. More than two feet of snow has already fallen in Duluth Minnesota. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now as the Arctic air moves -- nearly two dozen states are under winter advisories or warnings. Just the cold wasn't -- -- up we're going to have another problem. Across the southern plains and Texas and that's going to be the four -- For ice in California zoo animals have been brought indoors. We added a little extra eight tonight -- -- state -- cozy. As skiers rushed outside to be in the thick of it everyone's hustle and I'm sure -- there. Drivers are also being forced to put on tire -- as the snow piles up in the Sierra Nevada mountains. -- California farmers down below are relying on massive fans to save their citrus crops what you're doing -- blowing out warmer. -- down on the trees. -- this is expected to be one of the coldest air masses we've seen in the US since the 1990s. With record breaking temperatures also expected in the coming days -- -- you mentioned the threat to California's citrus farmers how worried are they about their crops. Well is always a concern about they think they're going to be able to make it through this frees farmers seem to run into this every year specially California's central valley and most have those giant fans in place. But -- larger -- that you saw on our peace they also actually use water to get through the overnight hours because the water temperature is warmer than the air temperature -- -- And that they're a part of the country this storm will not be affected are we are gonna feel the wrath in the coming days. I eventually -- available -- you know you guys over in the northeastern joins a mild weather right now that -- IC system is expected to head south on Friday and into the weekend. And it eventually move into the northeast by Saturday into Monday but forecasters are expecting it just changed significantly by -- There may still be some snow though a New York City in Philadelphia. -- aren't -- -- brandy hit from Los Angeles thank you for joining us. And our joined by AccuWeather is just -- -- it just didn't receive an intense snow from all around the country especially the midwest is -- -- part of the same storm or -- a number of fronts moving across the country. You know this is all part of the same Arctic air mass now within -- Arctic air mass there are few and pulses of energy we call these low pressure systems and those are producing some precipitation. Right now it's the upper midwest and Nan we've seen a lot of snow around -- -- some spots north and east into the arrowhead of Minnesota. 12 feet and it's still pouring down the snow tricky travel to say at least -- along interstate 94 and also interstate 35 -- hole air combined with the witness how it feels outside right now the skin it's hard even look at these numbers minus eighteen Bismarck -- minus seventeen. -- -- -- -- -- Cluttering -- it's going to be -- its way up to the south and the east over the course of the next couple of days. Look at the real feels this is how it feels later on tonight minus forty around Bismarck this is not to be taken lightly dangerous -- All the way to southern California's Santa Barbara you'll -- waking up to some prosecutions the next couple nights. And then as we go through routes the late -- into the weekend. -- dot south and in this cold air mass starts to move its way ever so slightly off to the east. All right -- how far below average at these temperatures in northern California and Texas it's surprising to -- storm coverage from a place like Los Angeles. -- You know it's very rare just on geared for northern Texas we're talking about separate yourself thirty to forty degrees below normal before all -- setting -- This will likely be one of the coldest early season outbreaks in the month of December ever for the south plains. And we've been talking about the warm weather in the northwest -- reminded him of the system gets here. Well into the north whether the northeast rather it's going to be warm for the next couple -- you know enjoy Thursday it's gonna be into the sixties and also the seventies into the southeast but as mitigated toward upcoming weekend cooler temperatures start to roll it. In heading into next we -- think it's -- -- -- east turn. And fortunately. Right you know as much as we did it coverage and -- catches people by surprise -- times when they hit those road so. What actions are local authorities taking that you've heard about a had at this heavy snow and icing. Well of course -- areas already started to prep in terms of road services and I'll tell -- what these temperatures are going to be very cold so there's going to be a lot of. -- -- a lot of ice poured down on to some of the road service -- to combat with these temperatures at freezing rain sleet. We'll be following an air -- is only into the twenties so again this is a system a storm that is not to be taken lightly it's something that you would typically see in the dead of winter though you know we're still couple weeks out from the official start. All right just -- Gary thought thank you again for joining us. A deep freeze already being felt in parts of the midwest getting set to sweep across the country from the southwest all the way to central appalachians all the latest right here on ABC news dot -- has been an ABC news digital special report on -- Hernandez at New York.

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{"id":21101213,"title":"Western Citrus Crop Threatened by Winter Freeze","duration":"3:00","description":"Storm system sweeping through America could have economic impact.","url":"/US/video/western-citrus-crop-threatened-winter-freeze-21101213","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}