‘We’ve prevented a coronavirus catastrophe on the southern border’: Trump

President Trump said during a roundtable in Yuma, Arizona, that the border wall was helping to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.
3:16 | 06/23/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘We’ve prevented a coronavirus catastrophe on the southern border’: Trump
So my administration has done more than any administration in history to secure our southern border. Our borders never been more secure I think Doug can tell you that anybody at this table can tell you that is never even been close. The numbers now and colluding not only the wall to wall has helped a lot. Where we have that 200 miles to twelve and 221. It's really essentially almost. I guess 99 point six or something like that maybe somebody can get an extraordinarily long latter but once you get up there gets very high. And it's just about on climb a bull. So it's it's really great that's made a big difference but we have other things that we've done. During the past two months we've see the lowest number of illegal border crossings. In many years. Illegal immigration is down 84%. From this time last year. Illegal crossings from Central America are down. 97%. Now the news that once defectors are organized today so organisms and 97%. This very good but 97%. I would successfully get. You sure it's 97 he's and it sets a pretty that's a pretty good number you're doing. Ninety severed percent down. Nearly 450000. Pounds of drugs have been seized this year. And 2337. Criminal aliens have been apprehended. We've stopped asylum fraud ended catch and release. If you look at so many of the different crimes that come through the border this stopped. We've implemented groundbreaking agreements with Mexico I want to thank the president of Mexico is really great guy I think you'll be coming into Washington parties. To the white S. But they have a total what's a number today would you say. So here's what you say. Is. Of which way so we've had 27048025000. Mexican soldiers are order our border. Making sure people aren't coming chorus one a also. Say that we've made a lot of progress through Guatemala El Salvador and Honduras. And now when somebody comes over whether it's MS thirteen or anybody else we bring them back and they take them gladly. In the previous administration they didn't take him at all they wouldn't take him they should you keep them. Using our emergency public health authorities we prevent today. Cora virus catastrophe on the southern voters shutting down on human smuggling and swiftly returning the crosses were Gorham crosses to cross that would bring it right back in the old days it would take years to get him back he wouldn't get him back. Other administrations like the previous administration. Essentially didn't bring them back. Without these public health measures the southern voter would be. Eight global epicenter of the viral transmission and if you look at some of the towns on the other side of the wall. As an example in California we have a certain area that is heavily infected in the Mexico side. And we didn't have a border wall there would be it would be really catastrophic situation.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"President Trump said during a roundtable in Yuma, Arizona, that the border wall was helping to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71413317","title":"‘We’ve prevented a coronavirus catastrophe on the southern border’: Trump","url":"/US/video/weve-prevented-coronavirus-catastrophe-southern-border-trump-71413317"}