White House delivers COVID-19 briefing

Dr. Anthony Fauci, federal officials and medical experts talk about vaccines and other pandemic plans in the White House COVID-19 briefing.
3:16 | 01/27/21

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Transcript for White House delivers COVID-19 briefing
For more on the Biden teams responsible pandemic let's bring in dean of the brown university school public health and ABC news medical contributor doctor she should the job doctor -- always great to have you with us. Want to pick up on what Karen was talking about there today officials said distributing 100 million vaccine doses. And 100 days it is the floor map the ceiling and this comes after president Biden said yesterday he was ordering 200 million more doses. What is really feasible here and what should be the goal for the vaccine roll out over the next 100 days. Grace thanks for having me on Colombia the hundred million for a hundred days was named president Biden said back on December. I do think we need to do better than that given where the situation is. What would I like to see as much as possible right I think we need be able to have the Salisbury whether a Wii video to get to two million doses a day or. I even 200 million over over the next Saturday's that's going to be our. How we're gonna need to do really well on production road map to do read our administration. But I think we can do. And so that to me she is sort of the stretch goal all. The goal really is faxing this many people as quickly as possible because. That's how we're gonna save lives. Conductors shout we're all watching what's happening over in the United Kingdom went that variants that they're struggling with there and it is alarming do you care reporting today. It got the highest cobra death rate in the world so. Well how much of that you believe is due to this highly transmissible variant. Should we expect something similar. If that should come ashore and already had us in the United States. Yeah unfortunate that variant is here and I think the highest vessels in the world in the UKR are almost surely because of that daring and cash so the question is how do we avoid guy actually we avoid a massive spike in cases show. Two things we've got to get people's all the basic public also distancing. Great inequality there are masks. It's gonna be really important. The second is a race stranded people vaccinated and I've been saying for the last couple weeks right now there's n.'s Terry emergent race and that is Katrina. Us and boxing people vs the variant obviously want us to win and we're gonna win if we can get a lot of vaccines into people's arms. Doctors are taking. On that point we use you mentioned there there's the race to vaccinated but as the race against the Varian at the same time we're told that the companies that make these vaccines are doing more research on how well the vaccines will protect against the new variants. What we know about the efficacy so far we know there's concern with a variant and South Africa especially. And what are the options for improving the vaccines in the future. It's great questions of right now I feel very confident based on all the data that that you caves there in the one that's here the one that's spreading cash. He's something that is going to be very susceptible to the vaccines I think the vaccines will continue to protect people against that. There is a bit more concerned about the size of South Africa variant the good news is we haven't yet seen it here doesn't become dominant here well obviously I hope it doesn't. So and then companies are working on new formulations are against the South Africa variant which as but my hope is we won't needed because we'll get so many people vaccinated you will really deal to stamp this stand up and down doctor she shot thank you for your time we always appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Dr. Anthony Fauci, federal officials and medical experts talk about vaccines and other pandemic plans in the White House COVID-19 briefing. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75523398","title":"White House delivers COVID-19 briefing","url":"/US/video/white-house-delivers-covid-19-briefing-75523398"}