White House pledges food, water, shelter for all affected by Harvey

ABC News' political team breaks down the daily White House press briefing
13:39 | 08/31/17

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Transcript for White House pledges food, water, shelter for all affected by Harvey
Hi there are welcome to the briefing room on ABC's Rick Klein joined today by Johnny are hoping. From the our political team be he has if you on the program. All right Catherine bothers our White House team will be joined us this alienate if you in a few minutes you just saw. Or rather lengthy briefing from Tom postured. A president's advisor and Homeland Security talking about working party and in its aftermath as well it's our Huckabee Sanders white house Press Secretary. Covering a range of issues got a lot of news to get to but the big story of course remains party and its aftermath. Pretty striking split screen today guys you out. Mike Pence the vice president stays on the ground in the region White House going out of its way to see that he is there at the direction of the president. May be in part because he was a lot of the things that the president didn't do when he was on the ground. Earlier in the week. Did you saw him right now and that's with the governor of Texas great at it he met with the first responders who met with local officials you know victims with people let him back we're there hold you and his picture taken out some of the trash carrying out debris has those blue gloves on getting down and dirty doing some work and he would take a listen. To what he had to say on the ground in Houston. The president are forced to this morning. I asked him what. When he wanted me tell you need. Don't we look at. We inspire inspire the nation by your resilience. In my church. This came here have met you and me curriculum. Do here you will be as president often says it will want American fans. When one hurts we all are. Columbia president well on behalf of his good governor of you know Paul listened to all of us to have the privilege of public responsibility. There's no wheat or when you. And we will stay with you until Rockport. And all of southeast Texas. So that's this is usually do when they go to our regions is isn't though with president prompted earlier in the week. It is you know he went down and he was briefed he I don't cabinet this wasn't received briefings from FEMA officials. That. As you mentioned at striking split screen you saw Mike Pence in his Lee Jeans picking up. Sticks picking up to marine. In the first Elisa first reserve is not would you just aren't where. Two of the people of Texas. Something he didn't hear from the president until in his speech and misery on. Tax policy not to wonder a little bit you know what what's the White House reaction to stop ticks off course the president asked the vice president to go there I'm. It Mike Pence has made a point. Of saying that in that you know what it really does set the bar high for the president's visit fasteners Sanders said he's. Likely going to Houston at the end of the week will he do the same guys in my opinion Mike Pence setting up. Pretty heart. Well let's what does this evening over at the White House because we did hear some news from the press on the podium today that the president's gonna give that million dollars but. Vandals pictures of pets that is a much different image than than. What was in our minds earlier in the week you were down there. Which president from he said he sought first and of course he didn't really see it firsthand but what's your take about a White House handling today. It's. It's it's a little bit of ahead stretcher as two. You know beast the tale of two presidencies that seemed to be happening out of this White House that really that. That this administration would give a green light in terms of optics and allow these images. The vice president literally physically lifting these big logs and except you know what you may be sawing trees at app or something before the night. Thanks I mean it was is out there isn't it and I was I was right there at that neighborhood just yesterday in and it's it's it's an absolutely mass. But it but it's but the imagery is is striking that there are two completely different. Ways of of handling this and look. You know I I think in some ways. That the president will be criticized for are not having done an opt in he will be criticized for doing too much so there really is. A he's sort of in a no win situation as to how much he did on the ground and air in Texas. On the other hand he's going back on Saturday we just heard them state out in this briefing right now. And you know I. The fact that the vice president sort of got out in terms of a media narrative any way ahead of the president's. Return trip where we will I'm assuming very much see him. Shaking hands perhaps hugging. It interacting with victims of this storm you know he got out our vice president got out ahead of this one might think you know it it doesn't doesn't help. Terms of the criticism the president is facing right now. Yeah but that and strong rivalry played up a lot behind closed doors is a big thank you get your clothes back on it get to work for world news tonight appreciate it thanks guys. So don't. Another note on this and he you know the White House is cognizant of the images around this just seems like another one of these this is pumping truck I mean this is mrs. Who you'd expect I think a lot of his supporters see if they're not going to be very. They're not there to listen to a media narrative that that he should have been more empathetic you went and did what he felt like we should do. He treated it like a courtroom what you know make sense he sees that this has been president but. You know I just think I cannot. Believe that the president that the White House is and sort of aware of what this looks like I mean White House is going all the way back to Bill Clinton the way before that are buried. Cognizant of the images that come out of the president of the comforter in chief yet Obama after seeing the you know. You know buses you know reaction to Katrina was sort of a commencing on his legacy and so I can't help but think the White House is aware that. Allies were riding on Saturday in terms of what pictures from just come out. The presence since it. You know have an in your giant I also would say that for a president as you mentioned that is so concerned about image. The White House does know that the optics are there and I and and I think in this is a hard. Active fallout. He will be on the ground he'll be meeting with evacuees here Becky is so you're right the optics here at least for now. Com look when the vice president upstaging him a little. This was gonna end in UB backup since again. Something tells me don't think people can pictured from picking up for everybody did but but it and a picture of writing a check which he says he's gonna let members of the media decide how the site and million dollars and I know that a lot of people tracking that. Elicited another very big story percolating because there's a debt like coming up next week. The administration is can be forced by three attorneys general to make a decision. On talk on deferred action against childhood rivals these are these are true the so called dreamers is people who brought here as children. As undocumented immigrants who wanted to know that ruined document until they try to out of a certificate that wasn't there. The president has said consistently he's wanted to how part with this programs are Anderson is that continues to be case but it sure seems like all indications are that this is moving toward. Being phased out in some way it happened how they evolved on this and what's going inside and outside the presence at the heart pick up ahead for a moment here oh gosh. Exactly right her. How odd that it's not as well look he said. You've heard of on the campaign. He. Has said that they'll be fine and he wants this program to have heart at the end of it I knew it aren't talking about scrapping and I don't deplete. Right now inside the White House and it doesn't relate to Harvey because you have to remember event. The lawsuit. Pile behind as a cheese. It's he will lend by Texas attorney general. Tax and so they have that deadline. September 5 that was an ill in vital organs can be it actually pretty it it could be plus. On the but if you know what's going on inside. His head he can be swayed on it are wearing is that you know a decision is likely to come possibly tomorrow but the navy there's some thinking inside the White House I'm. That you know how the optics the right in the wake that her in her in you have some of the other. Jeff Sessions and Stephen Miller who are really pushing that throughout. As far as we know yeah we expected and EU do away with them. But you know exactly how the policy comes to mind is is still a little bit on. At Parse the words today's. She's disputing reports that it's already a done deal and Johnny does relate to the storm. We heard from Tom postured. Trying to assuage fears about. Undocumented immigrants coming forward to access services related to the storm he was try to calm those fears but only to a point. Brett and you can see. The White House is is very cautious with the language they used when talking about the suspecting they. Now for all that you know the bombast than at present comes rhetoric I think they realize that this may be more of a politically fraught issues and and papers they've you know that's in the first off. And a message to say to undocumented immigrants you've nothing to worry about. Unless it was in which case we're theory there. That raises interest thing everything issue because think about all the people that are thinking well what exactly is in the potentially get in trouble unity think twice about. Going into that shelter for a lot of that's been taken off right effort right. Any make that clear saying you know it is those who are going in for in terms a short term. Assistance that would be fine and here you. So a lot coming up next week and we know that it's a packed congressional Kennedy. War or it we're now talking about potentially the largest aid package in history it's never seen this. The governor of Texas as it's going to be weight was fifty billion dollars Katrina and up costing. We heard from the White House today they're gonna work on this aid package but there's still a lot of work to be done about. I fashion that's what you tired too because guess what else evidently feeling they'll that the government on the bills that tax reform. What that's what about government asked the end of and once that what the what days that's. That's at ten that all about not just kicked off attacks are yesterday so where does little behind on so a lot loaded and hear their popular partly on the right off the back. In the end you could speak to mr. Harvey funding is significant issue I think that the president has reassured the people of Texas has said that the funding. We'll be an issue but I think is brushing off. The funding issue of the community keep it reminded me think back to Katrina and Texas it is that morning and crews. Or about ten days Andy Hong is booted a more against the brilliant and countless enemy in the argument. You're saying well it included all sorts of other importantly I let it. Just where sandy in defending their argument eleven cents a a bit of funding and nothing nothing. And things that Oregon reversal. And you had you met your your governor Chris Christie going after takers for you know what doctors Indian. Just again it's one of those issues that you could feel it more fraud than than the president. All that's at and I think in any you know put up with typical presents the united opulence that it would moment I'm on the Athens. I don't know physically you'll likely. Rating 34%. That lesson and let's let's rocket guys final thoughts they what did you learn. I think Emmett say that you know. The White House is going to be very careful. I think they're going to be very very conscious of images that. You know I think that they're very aware of the history. It to rack up that I think that we should watch for how the president responds to his vice president's visit today clearly. Totally different images. Does he you. Not congratulate him on the visit but that talk about the work he did on the ground as he's saying look I'm going to be doing that this weekend I'm. How does the president respond to it what does he make of the optics that we're seeing from NN exactly M Saturdays going to be a big. It watch for and heaven that Mike Pence also has broad shoulders. Talk about that speaking of Mike Pence our colleague Jonathan Karl has exclusive access to the vice president interviewed him. On the ground today in Texas that's gonna be a full report tonight on world news tonight. That's going to be living all throughout our ABC news platforms including the powerhouse politics podcast you want to check out what's on a lot of it. The top issues also mentioned it's ABC news and the Walt Disney company. Kicked off today idea of giving we have already res more than five million dollars it's really a tremendous cause in a very important one. Here's information on your screen right now about how you can give we hope you do so. Thank you for Johnny. For Katherine a person evening over the White House I'm Rick Klein. Please watch as next.

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