White House is refusing to cooperate with impeachment inquiry

A letter was sent by President Trump's attorneys to House leaders stating they should not be expected to cooperate with an "illegitimate" probe.
3:16 | 10/09/19

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Transcript for White House is refusing to cooperate with impeachment inquiry
We're gonna move on to Washington. Where the White House sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi yesterday. Regarding the impeachment proceeding saying that. Given the inquiry lacks any legitimate constitutional foundation in the executive branch cannot be expected to participate in. In it and this comes after the State Department stopped the US ambassador to the EU Gordon signed Lin. From testifying before the house yesterday. So as a reminder that appeasement. Inquiry investigations. I'm all stem from a July 25 call. Wearing a whistle blower alleges president trump asked the president of Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joseph Biden and his son. In says that the president was holding 400 million. Dollars worth of aid as a leverage so things have moved pretty fast since then and I want to bring in. Karen Travers. At the white house on Karen I just want to start with this White House letter first. They are criticizing. The process. What's the impact of that kind of shifting the narrative. Yeah I think it certainly did is spend a long morning on ABC news radio today talking anchors across the station and all of the questions were focused. On the impeachment inquiry process not the substance that is at the heart of this. Didn't talk about the complaint didn't talk about the phone call with the president in Ukraine but instead you have the White House putting out this eight page letter. Calling this inquiry in the process your illegitimate. Calling it partisan. And draw. A really strong line here saying that the White House is not going to cooperate so that's more focused on today they think. If the White House is hoping to shift the spotlight away from what the house Democrats are saying the president did in that phone call and how the administration handled the phone call after that. And should do more to how debt Pratt's are now conducting this and I think they succeeded today. So I want to ask you even though than aired a fish in is shifting what are the new developments in regards to the complaints. The stuff plus. ABC news reported yesterday that the whistle blower wrote a two page memo that was later turned over to the inspector general of the intelligence community. In a memo the whistle blower is basing this on a conversation that they had was somebody who had first hand information somebody who live Cindy and and the president's phone call this summer with the president and Ukraine this official according to the whistle blower described it as crazy and frightening. And said it was completely lacking in substance relating to in the Nash to national security. I read and just before we go on there's also news that Rudy Giuliani might be. Testifying before the house as well. Well he is saying that he's not going to go before committee is long is democratic congressman Adam Schiff is leading the House Intelligence Committee. Is according to the Washington Post and Thompson Giuliani and you know he's said this before TU antigen is not going anywhere at this point but I thing it's certainly. Rudy Giuliani trying to say he doesn't want to play by the current apparatus and play about a current rules aside about him going over to the senate side Lindsey Graham close ally of the president of course saying they'd like to bring Giuliani have been asking some questions. Did event sides track I think made over the distraction there is of course it's the house since moving toward on this impeachment inquiry. Irate Karen Travers right there at the white house with the latest thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"A letter was sent by President Trump's attorneys to House leaders stating they should not be expected to cooperate with an \"illegitimate\" probe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66166014","title":"White House is refusing to cooperate with impeachment inquiry","url":"/US/video/white-house-refusing-cooperate-impeachment-inquiry-66166014"}