Former White Supremacist Sheds Light on His Past

Arno Michaelis discusses how he went from hate to humanity.
6:40 | 01/16/17

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Transcript for Former White Supremacist Sheds Light on His Past
Changing can be hard when she's in pain a plan to date our next guest was a major force in the white power movement. Founding member of violent neo Nazi group and a reverend. I'm a self declared holy racial holy war he says there is bled for our innocent people on his hands and that will never. Ever watch shop take a look. JetBlue. I grew open holes hold her emotional violence. Yeah I reacted by lashing goat herding. As a teenager I was full blown alcoholic. Beverage order with the cost. Saved the white race. We laid bare hands I beat other people within an inch of their life. For the color of their skin their sexuality. Or simply just for the adrenaline. I became the lead singer of a white polar bear. Food sold over 40000 CD's of the most violent people use. I wrote songs and insular. All that mattered was what color was skewed. More violence and cruelty put all there more would come back to me I figured that was the rest of my life and that's why. I never saw what was coming next. Please welcome. Our no Mikhail S so I don't tell. Asked me what happened to you bet Ter into that really set it or not she left opt road. I'm here today because people that I claim to hate. Has the courage to set an example of humanity former. A Jewish boss lesbian supervisor black and went you don't coworkers. Treated me with kindness when I Wii is deserved it but when a new unit malls. And it really demonstrated. The homeless better life could be a fight could shed this soul from polls mirrored room of hatred that I assumed my identity. You know after you did all those terrible things in new terrible from what. Made you change what changed your heart. I was involved in her through seven years and throw bed time there is really really good growing sense of exhaustion. I knew what I was doing was wrong I didn't have the courage to related knowledge that. And a face that inner voice that was tell me that I I was a horrible person for what I was doing. That exhaustion brought me to appoint Reza literally will confer an excuse to leave and it wasn't really amplified Bible acts of kindness. Combining my parents who it is all they struggle as I was growing up it never gave ballpark. All my mom and my dad what we know that they loved rear meant they wanted me back and in 1993. I ahead become a parents buy them. My daughter smaller not a split government dollar is eighteen months old hall. And a few months later a second front of mine was murdered street foot. And that was like the slap in the phase moment told me like this is the skews are looking for lewis' Mel's that finally. So tell me how did you become my white supremacist is what drove me to hate people of different races and creeds and and sexual orientation it's. I I I come from two very long lines and all all of them. And I did I always purposes by saying there there are always reasons for violence there's reasons for hate but there never excuses. Flight I'd I would never wanted to be good solid wall these horrible things happen to me that's my excuse there's no excuse direct doing. Bush has my parents fought a lot when I was young my mom was miserable and admitted he miserables lists are lashing on another kid's. Those in every age and global. As a bully on the school books and as you can I got to lose their missile elevator got thirty it kicked out of like I'm kind of a natural adrenaline junkie and there's no adrenaline like Jim and the principal intelligence second grade point that I like that kind of stall. But what chatted against people a different color different races different ethnic background different sexual orientation what was that keep it that. That's a great question this the beginning of that career was securing wide power skinhead music. I I was already in a palm Brock LA plagued I was really aggressive candlelight to fly LA Shas walk hard offensive music. I heard Liz Boyd power skinhead band that told me all this violence Lowe's already familiar with bullets hate that I Phelps. Was because I'm a warrior fighting for my people. And there is this majestic cause and that if I fail. The white race will be wiped all off the face of the earth than it was all very you signal dramatic and very seductive. And has there been any agreed teenaged kid who felt. Disconnected. From my feet away from society from the rest of the world. Like missiles the connection those looking. Sentencing Elliott nation you're a central figure in the white power movement for years and you influenced many followers who came after you and in 20121. Of those followers murdered six innocent worshippers at a sikh temple. And you say that that tragedy changed your life for ever tell us about that. Absolutely. The man who committed that atrocity was in many ways exactly what used to be he was in a wide Paul or band. He was part of the sea and skidded game that I had hoped to fall when I see pictures of him. I see myself. And it is that it could incredibly. Uncomfortable feeling to have yourself steering you in the face like the worst that you've ever abandon. And Slobodan took the lives of people's fathers and good so what is Mulder took the lives of a grandfather. The last person murdered that there was a man named Sobel on seeing Kawika. He was the fallen or listen to blow Wisconsin. And he fought the gunman with a border knife. He was shot five times before he fell and that bought an all time brew police to get there. Got an order for it with the gunmen eventually hundreds of them Britain the government take in life. What so blondes oldest song partied Kawika reached Alter me applicable loans after the shooting.

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{"duration":"6:40","description":"Arno Michaelis discusses how he went from hate to humanity. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44812613","title":"Former White Supremacist Sheds Light on His Past","url":"/US/video/white-supremacist-sheds-light-past-44812613"}