Whoopi Goldberg speaks out about Haitian deportation protection

Goldberg spoke out about the crisis in light of Thanksgiving.
2:00 | 11/22/17

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Transcript for Whoopi Goldberg speaks out about Haitian deportation protection
about at Thanksgiving tomorrow after the earthquake devastated Haiti in 2010. They've now been given to 2019 to get out of America. If you want to think about what we're thankful for be thankful we're in a country that we grew up in. We were born here. If we can find any other ways to welcome people instead of tossing folks out after they've managed to get their lives together and take a minute to think how lucky as Americans we are maybe Thanksgiving will take on a different meaning. This is trump's way of feeding his base. Uh-huh. The base is saying where's the wall, what are you doing on immigration. He can't get any of that done so he's sending hey shans out. He's a mean girl. He's mean. This allowance to have them work legally in the country. It's temporary protected status. They're freeing something awful. The idea they were here, safe and fine and working and now to be booted -- Does he ever do anything that's nice and that's heart felt? I can't find it it. He pardoned some Turkeys yesterday. Who man forafort and flip? I want to say hey shans were given temporary protected status. Between the earthquake and now there have been hurricanes that happened. Our government is sending people back to a country that hasn't rebuilt. It doesn't have the infrastructure to return all the people. I hope we can get together as citizens and weigh on this government to say this is wrong. They can't go until 2019 with a few prayers from people he'll be out of office by the end of next year and somebody else will

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{"id":51330972,"title":"Whoopi Goldberg speaks out about Haitian deportation protection","duration":"2:00","description":"Goldberg spoke out about the crisis in light of Thanksgiving.","url":"/US/video/whoopi-speaks-haitian-deportation-protection-51330972","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}