Wildfires rage as over 20,000 residents evacuate wine country

ABC News' Matt Gutman reports live from Santa Rosa, California.
5:49 | 10/09/17

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Transcript for Wildfires rage as over 20,000 residents evacuate wine country
Hey folks I'm Matt Gutman with BBC news I'm in Santa Rosa California. Downey may have heard about already. Entire neighborhoods here have been completely incinerated. And I'll worded Eric cold coffee market and then I'd come with the east. Basically the only thing left standing are the chimp. Everything here. Ciresi collapsed by the forces that fired heat so intense it melted aluminum ECB's spreads of aluminum them. Basically it's doing and of course seniors not an active buyer. But yes. My. Still. Billowing gas and fire. We've seen some folks come around try to shot. This is going on round counts very much an act flyers. Firefighters have been stroke so stretched. Battling the flames here in northern California that they just simply. Can't get everywhere. 80000 acres burned just in this fire alone here around Santa Rosa there's a complex about. Seven fires some of them are Kenji healing together to form the super fires that is the major concern of firefighters here. But basically this hit overnight and talk to residents who live here and about three foray and its people surrogate frantic knocks on their doors you gotta gotta gotta get out got to get out. I'm neighbors knocking on neighbors doers the fire basically came in from the east. Hop over the one O one freeway. And it was able to do this and move so quickly firefighters are talking about a growing explosively. At about fifty acres a minute it's almost. Incredible. To imagine that amount of growth of a massive firefighters that flames ten stories tonight but it was fueled by these fifty mile per hour winds overnight right now. You can tell that it's pretty still though there are red flag warnings in effect until tomorrow 1 morning but. Those winds fueled. The fire it's like you know putting gasoline on the fire we have wind that's strong basically just shuttle this. Right across this part of northern California Napa Valley hit very hard Sonoma a lot of wineries completely taken down and incinerated. The write off. 15100 structures and homes in and around this area have been destroyed 20000 people evacuated. We don't know exactly how many tens of thousands of acres but many town thousands of acres have burned. And good to see this waste landed it its just. Almost astonishing that scale. Of this destruction goes on for block after smoldering block. And it looks like here in some sort of ancient ruins it looks like you know rove or something like that because all that's left are these. Chimneys or maybe the south during the civil war all that's left for these Jim that's the only thing was able to withstand heat. We're basically walking across what used to be people's backyards. Or trees right they are mean everything just completely burned to the ground turned to ashes. The Foundation's. Completely incinerated everything caving in we're DC. Computers there I think that used to be TV. File cabinet. It's pretty depressing to see this and we just seemed fans walking around her. Thus many people actually ended here but a lot of people who lived around in the neighborhoods actually did survive just. Absolutely shocked. At what they're fighting here. What was so stunning to most used the speed with which it. This community was essentially incinerated in a matter of minutes. Stuff is still crumbling around us and that's something that it's it was astonishing folks here. Also the exodus about 3 o'clock in the morning suddenly the roads in this pretty sleepy town became absolutely clogged with people trying to flee here. And there is a concern that they would be caught in the inferno because the fire was moving so quickly. And they couldn't get out fast enough most of them did. Fire officials and law enforcement are telling us there have been casualties here have been people hurt. By the flames and not just firefighters people who just couldn't get out. Fast enough. The red flag warnings continue at least until tomorrow morning across most of California. A southern California's could see more of that very dangerous wind at least. Late this afternoon slash evening and into tomorrow morning they are not out of the woods yet and neither are the folks here but right now it definitely seems like. The conditions for these kinds of monster fires had subsided. And that is really good news but still. Talking about thousands of firefighters stretched that limited earlier. We saw this massive gas tank that still burning firefighters is continue to let it burn their houses that they continue to let smolder because anything that's already on fire. Basically and if it's reached a certain threshold they're gonna let Bernie have so many other homes to protect that haven't yet convert. Stuff is still popping up behind both of those are bullets I'm told by mine area. Producer Scott a lot of people of ammunition lot of people have guns here and we've seen shell casings and spent bullets just. All over the street because they've exploded from the heat just popped off and flown everywhere so. Maybe we'll move away from this. Scott Schulman always meeting of Atlantis but these are some of the bullets found in the street so folks if you have ammo. Careful where you store it. It want this stuff popping off and if you're walking around be careful. Of slugs like bees. Com wrote a lot that words. There. Another thing that got hit pretty communique issued here because. Cell towers apparently birds though Tom the cellphone feat to pretty bad but that's a hard time getting. Internet connectivity here.

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{"id":50383013,"title":"Wildfires rage as over 20,000 residents evacuate wine country ","duration":"5:49","description":"ABC News' Matt Gutman reports live from Santa Rosa, California.","url":"/US/video/wildfires-rage-20000-residents-evacuate-wine-country-50383013","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}