Winter Storm System Pummels the Northeast

Snow and ice closes schools and hinders travel for the morning commute.
3:00 | 02/05/14

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Transcript for Winter Storm System Pummels the Northeast
This is a special group. And I dance company Everett as ABC news digital special reports to. Eight on the -- yet another major snowstorm swept in the nation's northeast closing schools disrupting even. Minor travel is a -- system has dumped as much as ten inches. Of snow. Winter storms have been posted. Across several state more than a dozen in -- affecting more than a third. Other country's population. Chappaqua New York is one of those places under -- winter weather warning and that is where ABC's Josh -- joining us now. Right now Josh and not an. Easy commute snow ice rain. Everything out this morning. He -- Dan it would normally take around 45 minutes to get here that took -- close to two hours and on the way I would say. To tell you really what we experience was more of a wintry mix there was some snow there was some sleet some rain it was really hard to tell what was falling. The windshield wipers were completely frozen and then. Once we got here was still snowing around 645. -- and stop this kind of a light rain now and you can tell just walking around on the streets. Things are starting to freeze over -- it's very cold and it's only gonna get colder as the day goes on and about the matter is is that obviously we knew the storm is coming -- there have been warnings about that. But what about snow removal plows and they seem to be keeping up with -- -- even in the best of preparation it is tough to kind of keep them. -- snow falling snow back administrative freeze over. -- gathered -- doing -- good job keeping up with that a -- just went by me. We've seen plows out all morning but people are also having to drive very slow because they're hazardous as -- as I just mention very icy and slick. At -- town offices things like that to unite the tristate area have those been shut down I know -- New York City. Schools are open today I know much to the chagrin of a lot of students out there that you know -- -- making their way through all of this. Slushy garbage that -- deal with. Schools are closed here in Chappaqua and in a lot of other places in Westchester County. I know that some of the county offices are close yes new York public schools are. Open but you know. What's crazy about this storm is that this is the second storm in just two days on Monday here in Chappaqua they received nine inches so they haven't really even -- a chance that. To clean up after -- -- storm. We were actually at a local Starbucks this morning and a woman. Describe this storm and really just the snow this season is relentless it's just has not given up. And now it's hard to tell what the snows from this this new snow is this old snow just kind of continues building here in Westchester. There is this mental exhaustion as well in the northeast and frankly anywhere -- -- on the eastern seaboard. That -- is just like it's the winter -- just been relentless and yet there's an exhaustion about complaining about that and I'm one of them I understand completely. But it would ask you about some of -- -- Most famous well known residents their obvious that the clintons make. There -- What -- we heard is the former secretary of state former president are they in town. Well I did stop in that Starbucks earlier this morning and without even asking. The person working at Starbucks proudly said Bill Clinton was here on Sunday before he went to the Super Bowl. -- and she's obviously was very excited about it he is -- local celebrity here and everyone's very proud that the clintons live here I asked if she'd seen him this morning she said. Now he's definitely staying inside staying far away from this snow so lot. I'll let you know -- -- spot. The -- a couple of to be honest with you. We haven't really seen too many people -- there's cars there's plows -- -- schools closed a lot of the restaurants and businesses here and tropical close. It's going to be a pretty quiet day here is people trying -- down again as it gets cold cold overnight. It is one of those beautiful picturesque towns -- here minorities it is beautiful when it blanket it was -- it's got that very Norman Rockwell like feeling to it although. For people that you have to go out and get around it's not it's anything but picture perfect out there and listen Josh just -- heads up. If you see a string of black SUV is going through town. It might be an indication maybe one of the Clinton's idea. -- saying. So they keep an eye out for all its you know Dan that. The first to know I've -- how could -- it. Right in the right it right it will tell America for Secret Service ABC's -- -- the capital Josh appreciate that stay warm stay dry. And of course we will continue to follow the -- right here at for cancellations throughout the day. And on the eastern seaboard for -- on Dan Butler New York with that special report. This is a special report from.

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{"id":22374417,"title":"Winter Storm System Pummels the Northeast","duration":"3:00","description":"Snow and ice closes schools and hinders travel for the morning commute.","url":"/US/video/winter-snow-storm-northeast-hit-snow-ice-closes-22374417","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}