Winter Storm Drops Snow on New Year

Blizzard leaves more than 2 feet of snow in parts of Northeast.
3:00 | 01/03/14

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Transcript for Winter Storm Drops Snow on New Year
This is a special group. I'm -- -- New -- -- -- ABC news digital special report the first winter storm of 2014 has tens of millions of Americans in the east. Braving some belongings now and then there is this in the windy city Chicago simultaneously. Battling fire and ice. And enormous three alarm fire breaking out -- -- Chicago warehouse under as much as eighteen inches of snow in some parts. The official temperature. One degree below zero -- of course partners are having to deal with the wind -- much lower than that and forecasters are saying that this coming Monday and Tuesday. Wind -- the windy city are expected to -- 45 degrees below zero. And just moments ago to the north Minnesota's governor canceled schools statewide. For Monday. All because of those frigid temperatures are with the latest on this storm and snowfall from Ireland -- and I wanna start and Cohasset Massachusetts by ABC's Martha Gonzales Marcy you are bundled up -- -- rightfully so. Yes I am very bundled and it still doesn't feel -- enough. After two days of relentless snow here in the northeast it is finally letting up but as you mentioned the bitter cold. Is not the storm of the new hair breaking as much as two feet of snow has some parts of the northeast. Today -- be eighteen gallon. Is -- we -- deep free. It's sub zero temperatures -- -- frostbite. -- -- -- As the storm -- through this morning parts of Massachusetts reported wind gusts above fifteen miles per hour. And wind chills as -- -- -- did thirty degrees. From Maryland to Maine to storm leaving some classes canceled businesses closed and overnight three major highways outside of New York City close to traffic has more than an inch of snow fell every hour in the region. I'm gone sadly human forego driving -- eighties he. Treacherous roads and stressful airports a second day of cancellations and delays from coast to coast. They just canceled and -- it was supposed to let us mining and them. Get cans of against the bitter cold now on the minds of people throughout the northeast. Thousands including New York city's new mayor cleaning up. And as the temperatures continued to drop. Best thing to people can do of course. Is to say safe to stay warm and stay indoors. Very good advice and now the concern here in coastal Massachusetts is flooding. It is high tide and icy water is now starting to spill into some neighborhoods. While we're live in Cohasset Massachusetts Marcy Gonzales am back to you are -- it was before -- you go -- -- any reports at this time of power outages. You know the the we were so high last -- so there was some concern about potential power outages. But at this point no reports of widespread power outages there there are some here in there but nothing widespread. Now with -- we just heard from New York's -- applause the other telling people to stay obviously inside. But what about up in New England there are officials telling everyone to stay inside as well wait for a warm up before -- -- start digging now. Yes absolutely the roads are equally treacherous if if not more dangerous. Appear there's still a lot of snow a lot of ice on the roads and they're asking people to stay indoors. Until all of this clears. Good advice obviously as well -- I have to say I feel a little guilty being inside this nice warm studio but -- braving the elements beautifully out there. I think. Probably in identity until -- -- where we are back in new York and -- ahead I'm sorry I can't pull off the hats obviously that's why you're on that aside. So -- -- -- -- and Cohasset Massachusetts where it is ten degrees it's feeling more like minus nine. NASA weeded out this composite image take a look at this of the storm from space most of the country blanketed. In light so joining us now look at the big picture what to expect in the coming hours and days activists and your bag -- And factory with obviously that's been very busy today what's the advice -- -- -- everywhere should be waiting for a warm up to four digging out. I'll absolutely myself included I was are out there. Early this morning and it was brutally factor in the wind well that's where -- didn't -- to hypothermia and the frostbite sitting in. Very very quickly now the snow has exit -- the -- that's the good news. But we still have the wind to deal with -- blowing so that's already on the ground across the road so some of the crews out there that's been applied on the roadways and what shelling out -- agency still pollen right back on when he gets some of the snow drifts so yes I recommend staying indoors. Waited out -- -- -- we get a little bit of a warm up what -- terms of snow. Well we got walloped all across the northeast a good six to -- -- from Philadelphia to New York. Boston hit the hardest over a foot twenty miles north of Boston to feet. On the ground but it's the cold that's our main focus right now current temperatures below zero around Syracuse Burlington minus seven. Five blow up into Bangalore Boston right around eleven. But then the windy factor that in its feeling much colder seventeen below -- feels in the Syracuse minus nine into Boston. And some areas is actually so cold that the salt the trucks are leaving behind on the roadways not. Doing good enough job to melt the snow it's that cold. As you know the -- matter is it is January's we have to keep that in mind but give me a little bit of context historically is this. -- ranking of any kind of storm significant. We got a shot of cold back in 2009 around this time in January this is the course it's been since then -- the past several winters of this. We haven't even -- anything like this in January now it's the worst we're hearing. From Chicago right and and it's the worst that they've seen in three years at this point. Oh absolutely what we had that a clipper system that really set the stage for the storm that's pretty good three to six inches so across the midwest but on the back -- of that. You -- we saw a little -- north easterly flow off of Lake Superior and that gave us the lake effect. Just north of Chicago Chicago itself -- blanketed many areas well over a foot of snow and you know what we're not actually out of the woods yet. Another system coming in this weekend we're tracking that across northern plains this is going to set the stage. It -- Saturday night and Sunday another major snowfall this one targeting just south of Chicago Indianapolis up through Detroit. We could see many areas over a foot -- -- a slight warm up over the weekend but then back below freezing -- That's correct I had the system a little -- -- southerly flow so -- starts he's not on the roadways. But not all good news here as get flooding a big concern with all the snow melting but then with this system. Along the on any five -- will get a bit of an icy mix -- Sunday morning sleet and freezing rain a big concern so all the water on the roadways re freezing as we head back -- the week on Monday. So with the start of next week looking to be ice as the big concern yeah a lot of fun especially those that are -- I don't thousands of flights have already been canceled appear in the northeast. What about for traveling over the next couple of days. Over the next couple of days. -- for the rest of today -- what the brokers do their work later on we'll start to see the roads become available more bearable the airports are to catch up now the skies are clearing high pressure's building and we're seeing sunshine although it's cold the winds will diminish a little bit. So the airport should start to get going a little bit the next couple of days this weekend looking -- -- to some wet roadways out there. So we should be okay. Pretty much from later on -- this evening into the next couple of days but later on Sundays where we -- see the icy conditions -- -- A factor Sunday -- Monday so I hate to put -- on the spot like this -- but we have had a relatively mild winter up until this point. Is this that the intensity this storm any kind of indication for the rest the next month or so we're going to be saying. Well personally as a fan of the warm weather I hope not but for the foreseeable future yes and that's all because of the really stagnant. Weather pattern for the past couple winners. But very quiet across the region but so far at least over the past couple of weeks what we've seen as high pressure in the west where there's a big drought no rain. One thing that's doing is making every storm system coming across the plains into the midwest and up the northeast after -- gulf moisture so. Along with the so we had a big Arctic high in place and it's been frigid across much of Canada that's the air that we're seeing coming in from the north. And -- -- for the foreseeable future while somebody called the whole time -- and we have that warm up this weekend temperatures back in the forties. -- -- to be a bit on the -- side. OK but again it is January it is the winter so we shouldn't be -- -- caught off guard from this. Andrew Bagley from accurate and -- thank you so much stay warm. Thank you of course for all the latest on this first winter -- 2014 as it continues through today and into the weekend stay right here -- dot com. -- -- -- -- in New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Blizzard leaves more than 2 feet of snow in parts of Northeast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"21412602","title":"Winter Storm Drops Snow on New Year","url":"/US/video/winter-storm-2014-21412602"}