East Coast Braces for Nor'Easter After Midwest Hit

Residents from Chicago to New England will feel the effects of latest winter storm to strike U.S.
9:06 | 03/05/13

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Transcript for East Coast Braces for Nor'Easter After Midwest Hit
Good afternoon everyone I'm -- Cutler and new York and we are watching a huge snowstorm -- the midwest and now head straight for the eastern seaboard nineteen states in all. Are expected to get hit with this latest storm which. Is a combination of two storms over the Ohio valley dumping up to sixteen inches of heavy wet snow. And then it moves on to the East Coast from Washington DC although it to Boston they're getting ready for a nor'easter. That is not expected to occur until Wednesday into Thursday right now though the storm is socking -- Minneapolis with some heavy snow and Catherine Johnson from our affiliate KT SP TV is breaking out there and elements -- -- Howard Saudi -- right now. -- so far totaling seven inches here in downtown Minneapolis but we're expecting those totals to keep going up. As the snow continues to fall you can see it's not letting up anytime soon weren't a residential area in downtown Minneapolis and you can see that it hasn't been plowed yet. These cars are already buried in snow and it'll only get worse once the plows finally make it through these extremely narrow side street. People are having a hard time digging their cars out of -- snow and that's what we've got bites here for even in Minnesota here those seven inches of snow accumulation building up here. And it's not getting any easier for the people trying to -- out and -- the storm as early as 6 AM this morning. More than seventy flights were canceled out of the Minneapolis Saint Paul airport. Most of those flights going to and from Chicago -- They can't have -- -- been able to kind of pick up from -- -- -- Selig didn't make it might have gotten caught off guard might as the intensity of the storm. Not always been preparing for this for days stand and you know the -- dot crews that's the Minnesota Department of Transportation they've -- -- and pre treating the roads getting ready for this storm when this snow was falling in this sheer volume there's not much you can do but plow and well again and -- Canada and wait for spring. At least got a smile -- your -- I guess that's the only way you can just got to deal with this and maybe that's what. The bid of more -- spring is like what fifteen days away now. In the bombing on that that is many outlets and you guys used to getting this kind of a record amount of snow at this time of the year. He -- a lot of snowfall here this seems to be the biggest snowfall so far this year it was definitely the toughest commute this morning. People or adding. Yet they had -- twice as early three times as early in order to get to work but that's the key people are still going to work some schools were closed but some are still in operation. These are just things that we get used to dealing with here in Minnesota. -- hardy midwesterner attitude Katherine Johnson thank you so much always appreciated Chicago as we said set to get up to a foot of snow from this storm more than 12100 flights have already been canceled across the country and that includes. Those that we're headed in and out of midway and O'Hare in Chicago -- what -- bring in Jason Knowles from our Chicago. Station W -- that. Jason what's going on out there the city ready for this. We are ready Dan right now there is a steady snow ball it sure does look pretty but this is not fun to drive in the of course all the snow plows are out trying to clean up. The Mets as the snow was falling downward especially at the Kennedy were standing above the Kennedy right now you -- see what traffic looks like it is actually moving. Been to bed yet the city of Chicago has its full fleet of 284 snowplows out. They've insulting main road -- is all morning long. The snow -- started falling -- at a -- pace around 8 AM we talked to several commuters who took the -- today so. They could actually avoid the expressway is not only for the morning commute but for the evening give -- And there's also a lot of private snowplow drivers we talk to him. They are excited of the this because they are finally cashing in after a couple months -- really dry winter we did have a dry December and a -- January so they. They are happy about this but we also talked to a lot of people who you know what they -- just really sick of winter it's march the snow is still falling in Chicago. They're tired of that they have booked trips to California and it. -- after -- and sadly you. You've got George Roddick go on the cover the winter weather forested de Jason for the it was a stolen out in the on this. The city has the full bleed out there ready for this sand piles salt piles there is still. Ready to go. -- salt piles everywhere and we're usually live at one of those salt piles are we are a lot of times right now we're above the Kennedy but they have actually I think it's not -- Thousand tons of salt was the -- that we were given a while ago -- when we were doing all these other -- stories. They have that use a whole lot of that -- this winter we haven't had that better the winner but the last two or three weeks we've been hit with some of these storms yet and and -- -- various talking to a reporter out Minneapolis -- -- plain folks in the midwest used to this it's Smart it's gonna sell at some point but. To these levels I don't know never -- easy all right Jason. Felt my -- -- we're ready boards and. I wanna go to the headquarters in state college Pennsylvania for AccuWeather where meteorologist bring rain -- standing by -- has this storm is saying pretty true models. -- -- -- from Minneapolis sport Chicago was supposed to be a big storm and it is going to be a big storm and unfortunately. Boy lots of flight delays in Minneapolis Chicago and if that wasn't bad -- up. On the southern end of the storm we had some showers and thunderstorms -- you're flying in out of Atlanta this afternoon. There may be some delays there as well back edge of the snow still up to the west end of the south of Minneapolis field that is when he continue the -- street south and east ward Rockford at Madison Wisconsin. And snowing in Chicago was well and this snow. Will continue to -- -- Denise as we go through this afternoon and tonight and Portugal. Go this could be the biggest storm of the season and boy are they catching up in Chicago as we heard from the reporter not much in the last couple of months but certainly. Doing February and march we've been getting it now -- still be streaking into the midwest watch yourself -- -- -- state toll road even interstate seventy around Indianapolis this afternoon. And then all -- is. Start heading toward the mid Atlantic as we go through our Wednesday in this is going to be easily the biggest storm in our nation's capital. Haven't had much the issue -- the storms. -- have -- with that as a pushes across mid Atlantic on Wednesday it is going to be heavy wet snow mostly in the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia. Also there's going to be the snow in Washington DC and because our storm is going to be strengthening. Up to mid Atlantic coast. We're going to have to worry about some beach erosion and some rob rob serve on the northern side of this from the New Jersey beaches even down to Wear Long Island. -- into the Maryland Delaware beaches and down in -- North Carolina as well. Some of the impacts again from this heavy wet snow are looking for six to twelve inches around the Washington DC area. Have this is going to be in the mountains. Then the storm starts to push up in the northeast so then -- New England Wednesday night and Thursday real tough call in New York City by the way. Most of the snow could be off -- south -- east but certainly we'll have to keep an eye -- that enough snow to cause some problems I think. Wednesday night in -- Thursday -- in fact take a look at these impacts as we move forward here because of the heavy wet snow in the mountains of West Virginia. And Virginia there's going to be some power outages and even -- toward Richmond tomorrow afternoon 995 Richmond. Baltimore Washington Philadelphia and not because some -- delays Philadelphia about two to four inches of snow and again I talked about. The problems there we -- going to -- out. Along the -- is a way wide ranging storm midwest this afternoon and tonight. Mid Atlantic tomorrow. Are right of course -- -- that didn't make those vacation plans for spring break to get down to Florida or the Caribbean or someplace warm and out of this -- I definitely -- out of here with the prices for a plane to get me out of here because really this winter has cut about one was unpredictable a storm popping up and and then end the dry season -- -- -- right. What depends where you are. Certainly in Chicago it's been that way but they've gotten their snow lately we've seen lots of snow -- -- -- in February -- We've targeted the plains states from Wichita by 35 were Kansas City and now the secondary -- big New England but this time. Little farther south and in Atlanta called the New England how to deal with their snow as well sometimes the biggest storms -- winner come in March yes. A fair warning right -- I think the saying goes in like a -- right I think it's safe to say they didn't like the -- -- -- that won sizeable -- the end of -- -- -- -- -- went back -- so much -- -- obviously -- a monster winter storm -- some -- over the Ohio -- nineteen states about to get -- in fact more than a foot of snow could be falling in Chicago all the way up to New England should stay with news now throughout the -- and abcnews.com. As this storm does continue -- -- -- Cutler -- New York. Returning now to your regular scheduled program.

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{"id":18657805,"title":"East Coast Braces for Nor'Easter After Midwest Hit","duration":"9:06","description":"Residents from Chicago to New England will feel the effects of latest winter storm to strike U.S.","url":"/US/video/winter-weather-march-2013-noreaster-abc-news-digital-18657805","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}