Wisconsin Grandmother Draws Gun on Robber

Ernestine Aldana scares off an armed robber at her grocery store.
1:30 | 01/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wisconsin Grandmother Draws Gun on Robber
I was really scared. He's here Ernestine Al -- I was scared but she was also very brave almost two weeks before Christmas. When a robbery suspect entered -- grocery store at the corner of mosquito and Beecher. You can see his right hand -- covered with his jacket sleeve as he takes a beverage from the cooler with his left. Seconds later with his right hand he pulls a -- born Ernestine and grabs her cash register. Instinctively she pulls a gun from underneath the counter and the suspect runs away from it. Think I get rental -- -- And just took a step bad day. Grabbed the -- that was the wife and grandmother says she and her husband have owned the store to and a half years and never had a problem until this. She says her son bought the gun for their protection but never thought they would have to use it and we're son -- kicked out. Took issue -- range sort to choose to go. We'll take it you know twice actually -- what works until two. Milwaukee police released the surveillance video on YouTube hoping someone will recognize the suspect and turn -- man. Ernestine says she believes he's from the neighborhood a guy who goes by the nickname of -- She thinks he's been in the store before she considers herself and the suspect lucky. I shouldn't say this but I think it would shoot the gun but he was charity -- away. The -- -- her -- and I thank you couldn't do it.

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{"id":18182386,"title":"Wisconsin Grandmother Draws Gun on Robber","duration":"1:30","description":"Ernestine Aldana scares off an armed robber at her grocery store.","url":"/US/video/wisconsin-grandmother-draws-gun-robber-18182386","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}