Witness that was on Ukraine call testifying on Capitol Hill

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman expressed his concern of the call between President Donald Trump and the Ukrainian president.
2:58 | 11/19/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Witness that was on Ukraine call testifying on Capitol Hill
I want to get started on Capitol Hill with ABC news senior congressional course won it Mary Bruce. And Mary today we start with two witnesses who were on that Jones likely that phone call with president trump and Ukraine's leader presidential Inskeep. And not only had concerns in some cases they raise red flags after works. Yeah and Tom that is what is. So different about what we're about to hear today while Republicans and the president have dismissed much of the previous testimony and hearsay today we have going to be hearing from witnesses. Were on that phone call that sparked. His entire impeachment inquiry and they have described. What they heard as usual an inappropriate one of the witnesses is lieutenant colonel Alexander and minister that he was still concerned about what he hurt by the president's. Bush and demand for Ukraine to launch an investigation into the Biden. Indignant feared that he could risk US national security he was so concerned that he alerted superiors. Now Republicans here their challenge today is going to be to push back Democrats field. That being in will be very hard to attack at just on opening the door you he's in full military uniform you where they decorated. War veteran of the purple heart recipient Democrats think all of this on the impart to attack Republicans. So are going to try to call into question his judgment and his loyalty to the president. You don't read talk about lieutenant cruel been made his second but I wanted to about Jennifer Williams will be testifying at the same time as well now she was an aide to vice president pens. And besides calling this calling usual she also said he was political in nature and Mary another big clue where another big piece of evidence for investigators here might be that when Sheehan vice president pence in that was Lewinsky they never brought up these investigations according to her testimony. And that is something that Republicans will be eager to point out she also can shed light. On why the vice president didn't actually traveled to Ukraine to meet with the lengthy act was was originally planned so she can offer again an insider. Perspective into how the price this pressure was was taking place on Ukraine into how the White House was responding to this new administration and the Ukrainian president is that Democrats feel that these are their strongest witnesses this morning Republicans on the other hand feel that they will have a stronger chance building their case with the witnesses in the afternoon. Mary finally speaking your sources there in Capitol Hill on both sides of the aisle both Democrats and Republican. What's this and so far as we end turnout between his impeachment proceedings does any side deal they have the upper hand. Look we are now entering that is really sort of rapid speed of these hearings over the next three days you're going to have I've different hearings with. Nine different witnesses Democrats who that they have been evil so far to lay out a compelling he's not just about the president's action about the broader. Campaign to try and fresher Ukraine while Republicans continue to meet him in it. If you focus solely. On the president's actions on that phone call that they think there is. Nothing improper that there was no pressure. He went on Ukraine so and no surprises here on Capitol Hill as we often see both sides have sort of did camp to their partisan mark right Mary Bruce stand by for us we thank you for your reporting.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman expressed his concern of the call between President Donald Trump and the Ukrainian president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67132432","title":"Witness that was on Ukraine call testifying on Capitol Hill","url":"/US/video/witness-ukraine-call-testifying-capitol-hill-67132432"}