Woman, 83, Fights Off Burglar With a Stick

Texas woman confronted the thief and said, "you oughta be ashamed of yourself."
0:47 | 07/07/14

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Transcript for Woman, 83, Fights Off Burglar With a Stick
Anita Clinton got the disturbing phone call early this morning -- -- latest -- -- -- my mom's house had been broken into. And I just didn't show up that's about six Terry Stanton asked if he chickened out about an hour earlier the home on Lockwood where her mother has -- for more than fifty years had been broken into. Her mother whom they call my -- was inside -- moment. It's okay. -- -- She okay -- Clinton says she just showered and put a little -- and which he sought quilt on the floor other things out of place and a window wide open -- -- -- its fate is there is active active. And -- thought he would act in back. -- money. I had not the 83 year old who just celebrated her birthday with family out and dependence day had worked for the man coming at her doctor mark about got a -- you've got a great act it. You out reach any oath that she wasn't going to take fighting him off -- Who got back there yet cracked the -- -- -- -- -- don't go. Apple got water all well he got a way he should have some minor injuries at least family is relieved that's all she has to. It's eight men picked the wrong house today it came here to wrought iron out to hurt her to -- her to get -- -- from her that she don't have shame on you. Because it's despicable.

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{"id":24454477,"title":"Woman, 83, Fights Off Burglar With a Stick","duration":"0:47","description":"Texas woman confronted the thief and said, \"you oughta be ashamed of yourself.\"","url":"/GMA/video/woman-83-fights-off-burglar-stick-24454477","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}