Woman believed to be missing Houston mom found dead, baby found alive

One person has been arrested and charged with two counts of kidnapping and one count of tampering with a corpse.
7:14 | 12/20/19

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Transcript for Woman believed to be missing Houston mom found dead, baby found alive
It is heartbreaking circumstances that bring us here today. As you all are well aware that there has been a lot that has developed in the overnight hours this all began back on December 12. When 33 year old Heidi Bruce sword and infant daughter two week old eighty Margo Casey. Were last seen. As they dropped off they are sibling and their sons at school and we have been investigating they are disappearance since that time. On Tuesday a PD detective series gave a very thorough briefing to the media on what had been developed at that point through the investigation. And there's a lot that has happened since that time. Most notably the events that took place out in Houston and Harris County area overnight and into the early morning hours today. Detective carries will give you a briefing here momentarily. Updating the specifics of what took place. But what we will confirm at this point is that we did recover and infant female child that we do believe at this time is Margo. However we are awaiting the results of DNA testing to confirm that identity. And that testing may take us between 48 and 72 hours to get that confirmation. Additionally we recovered the body of an adult female. We do believe that this is ms. Purcell hard however again we are awaiting the results of the autopsy to confirm her identity. We do have one person that has been arrested and charged. The charges that have been filed at this point are two charges of kidnapping. And one charge of tampering with a corpse. We are not confirming the identity of the suspect at this time. I do understand that there are pictures being circulated and names being circulated in the media however were not going to confirm again to protect the integrity of this ongoing investor. Nation on Thursday December 12 between nineteen hyper sarge 33 year old white female. And her two week old baby Margot were last seen dropping off Heidi sexual child at his school account holders. Heidi Margot were believed to have returned to their residents in the area of William Cain and self first approximate 7:30 in the morning on December 12. The complainant arrived home. Found that Heidi his girlfriend and more it was daughter were not home. As the day progressed. The complaint it went to pick up that your sexual child from after school activities. And found that Margo was not there. The complaint became alarmed and contacted the Austin police department along with friends and family trying to find a location his girlfriend and daughter. Gus please farm was contacted approximately nine and source 7:31 PM on December 12. Officers on scene began investigation. They searched for them both there in the complex. Conducted preliminary investigations and contacted me that evening on December 12 poignant to. At that time Buffalo's issue that should be on the look out within our department both were entered into national and statewide databases is missing. And her information. Was dispersed throughout the community using reverse 911 system that reached over 4000 people that area. Their images and descriptions were released the media later in the morning. December 12 excuse me December 13 when he nineteen. Realize various resources and legal processes. An attempt to locate hiding and Margo this has been an ongoing process with numerous warrants that have been. Been approved and executed in the search for them. We've spoken with family with friends with co workers with neighbors we've canvassed the areas. That we know them who have been and we have done video campuses of any areas that we didn't believe them to have been and we conducted video surveillance in association with. Some of our federal state wide partners. We have. That's into video collection online social me you research. Interviews phone calls. In these investigations have gone across Texas and gone a cross. State lines. Nick make one of our partners released a nationwide flyer with images depicting Margot and Heidi. As we progress through this investigation. Local state and federal partners. Followed tips and leads that were provided by the public we received numerous. Calls sort tip lines identifications on line. Various tips of people who thought they had seen hide your Margot had information related their location. And those tips were vetted and explored and investigated fully. As the week progressed this current week. A lead was generated that. Created a location of interest in the Houston area and Harris County. Federal state and local resources deployed to that area of Harris county and began to investigate a residence there. Ultimately those investigators encountered an individual outside of that resident. Who was detained. On Thursday December 19 2019. As evening progressed they search warrant was issued for property on. At that residents both vehicles and the residents those search warrants were signed and were carried out by the Austin police department. Department of public safety and with assistance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation as we conduct at those. Searches. During that search we located a baby who is currently safe currently healthy. Who is currently in the care of Child Protective Services. That child's visual appearance is consistent with that baby market. As a search continued. Officers located a deceased adult female on the property and as chief Manley said earlier. Early indications would lead us to believe that that is high. The property news indignities to be an active. Scene we are investigating. Multiple locations between Austin and Houston in the surrounding areas. With the assistance of the FBI state global partners would DPS the Texas Rangers and Harris county sheriff's office. The Harris County medical Examiner's office is conducting an autopsy today. The deceased adult female. To determine. The cause of death determine the manner of death. And as those. As that information released us investigators we will continue our investigation of this event. As chief Manley said an arrest has been made in this case. The charges are two counts of kidnapping one count of tampering with the corps the total bond for the three charges of 600000 dollars. That person it is. Is in gusty as we speak. As I've said this is an ongoing and active investigation. If you have any information related to the disappearance of Heidi Broussard and her two week now three week old daughter Margo. Message conduct the Austin police department at 5129745250.

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{"duration":"7:14","description":"One person has been arrested and charged with two counts of kidnapping and one count of tampering with a corpse.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67859402","title":"Woman believed to be missing Houston mom found dead, baby found alive","url":"/US/video/woman-believed-missing-houston-mom-found-dead-baby-67859402"}