Woman uses DNA test kit to find biological father

A Texas woman used a home DNA test kit to find her biological father after 52 years.
4:20 | 05/22/19

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Transcript for Woman uses DNA test kit to find biological father
The DNA story Catherine's saint Clair told please do. I'm still shocked. Science tells. One of those home test kits delivered a bomb ship her dad was not a biological. Somebody else wants does rock your world. No idea she'd be common in bikinis biologists call a DNA test with a non paternal event. She preferred to call it. Not parents expect presenting these things from people saying nothing's changed everything channel and in her creation and long lines. She found there were thousands more across the world just like Gordon with strains of DNA and family secrets being unraveled. One test kit at a time pressure had to cut which took me to Irving to meet Susan chambers who told me she had a doozy. Of the DNA story to tell tutored the mom who raised you told you this story. When I was very young. Yes probably. So young I don't remember her telling me. You'll remember not knowing you I don't yeah I do not remember not knowing ever have always now. Her biological mom gave her up for adoption amber. A nurse at the hospital adopted her and always told her way or she came from she is very honest and open with me that's probably why my story never bothered me. Story about her biological parents and a story. About a tree. That it was 1966. Her biological. Was traveling alone until marine on the two week leave from Vietnam. Strolled by and set out. Trained lab was. Ecstasy a relaxing time for him and so clearly was yes I was. Conceived on a passenger train. This someone a that he never. Heard from again exactly. Strangers nine months later in Amarillo given up for adoption immediately at birth she never knew who that stranger that mystery marine might beach. Is to send I would never find him because I had no. Name or anything to go on other than I knew he was a passenger. On train in September of 1966. Which takes us to one of those home DNA test kits again. One that told Suzyn she was closely related to a young man. In Michigan. And in the flurry of emails which threw back and forth at each other demands realized his grandfather had been a marine Vietnam War. Could he be Susan chambers dat. Earlier this month Susan Trout to Michigan now erupt on sky. Meet Bob date. The marine on the tree roots that she really started to me about the trainer and if I knew it was me and that her birth mother. In the clock are drinking beer. And we share for five days the other current what what did he tell you he had no knowledge of view it you know you'd. Jack claim he had no clue how is a big surprise. Can something that he had to work through today and. It was a shocker. Don't give yourself I am tired and you could. You know all those years. Don't get me more about. Emotional because yes there is regret that neither dead nor daughter knew about the other. For the now it's a DNA in PE story. With a happy and well I caller garner yeah she calls Baghdad. Susan has her dad has a new family including four Brothers and sisters we care we're very thankful. We could have mastered. Back in her office in her Susan now has a picture for the man whose eyes and nose and likeness she shares in a frame that says. When we have each other. We have everything that's Terry yeah 100%. Galley despite completing each other enemy 53 years ago. Fifty to insert. It's beautiful tiger cats. And I'm so thankful that words strange ways yes he does. But then again so does dean. Interpret. I'm Kevin us.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"A Texas woman used a home DNA test kit to find her biological father after 52 years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63214150","title":"Woman uses DNA test kit to find biological father","url":"/US/video/woman-dna-test-kit-find-biological-father-63214150"}