Woman finds long-lost father thanks to DNA test

Tracy Melton grew up knowing nothing about her biological father and even believed he was dead.
4:58 | 05/02/18

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Transcript for Woman finds long-lost father thanks to DNA test
Summer amid the bustle of everyday life it is inherent in all of them need to belong. To connect Hillary came from. It's the basis for an entire booming business DNA behind me I miss one it's now my whole package when my at. Ethnic background. Tracey Melton was born in Los Angeles and always knew she was different than her sisters to blue guidelines. And her. Tracy's mother never gave a rainy details of her dad and they are brief encounter what little information islands can analyze. Leading to a person who is no longer out I. So she never set out to find a father only to find what secrets might be hidden in her DNA health reasons why is whining now you know with the cancer scares. Fat related to health issue is that it's now so she swapped first samples senate opting Ancestry.Com. And didn't expect her life to change for ever. Me open and they even now INA. Did the break down on an islands. Really cool you know link thirty increasing grade bringing in seventeen Western European and tiny southern from Fanny and Mary Kay and then there is a link at the bottom that we need it. 673. Relatives and that we're in shock I clicked and the leak and there weren't in fad or not the Dow got out this is your parent or your child. There it lives their heat lies. Back then he was a firefighter and LA. Remember that for Tracy was born and lived until she was a teenager she'd gone looking for family history and found her father instead. And this is easily where this story can act finally the life mystery solved in Tracy had a connection to someone. But really it's where this story began. Tracy reached out to Renato Delgado. He got back Stuart and when he did. Well hear from him she said. Hello. I think here my father. And I sit. What then a simple question I think I did ask her what are you live. As she sits Spokane. And then. For second at that it was a joke that's because three years ago after a lifetime in Los Angeles reign as wife wanted something new. They wanted to height can fish and ski and four seasons. So despite having no connections they came no war two spoke came as it turns out she just twelve miles from me. And I never knew she existed. You can see it now can't you in these pictures that stand at those dimples unmistakable. They met the next day after that initial phone call. 35 years was long and a. She walked it. She did stick your hand out to me. I didn't better than them. I started to and then I said what you shake hands with your daughter so we hugged and it was very which. From the very moment we met him a very come terrible and it felt natural that it's very hard to explain and it was like I never anyone thinking that if the hurt. Now they make up for that lost time talker text every day have dinners together with Tracy and her kits. Ray has even met the man who raised Traci who she always considered her down I just knew. And as soon as I saw him. That I have to thank them. For doing my did you. To lie should referring. But it is a good friend Grunow if you who have but I am their bond inmates similarities go far beyond those trademark dimples we dug. About things like what's our favorite ice cream and it we both love the new Levine. And we both love corn beef hash and able to realize the miracle all of its. With Tracy and ray had never done the DNA test which they did it but with two different companies that get upon their lives never knowing. Think it is Steve strangers despite sharing the same hair every day we probably pass each of them at the mall. We've only. Passage of the to grocery store and didn't even know it instead instant connection and unbreakable bond to strangers once separated for decades. Now family. For Blake still sometimes feels very Henry Hill I say I crowd was every morning and a shower or just with excitement and joy and I know allow a lot of people don't get this kind of out. It's is like. Amazing ride and and I never want to get off. And the ride is just beginning Tracy and ray have a lifetime of memories to catch up on and more family to meet. Ray's mom is in her eighty's she's flying up from Los Angeles for Mother's Day just to meet Tracy. The dude talking about the story we've heard from so many people with stories like this they've learned from these online genealogy sites we want to hear your stories. Had over the K ex wife were FaceBook page and share your stories with us. I'm Melissa lot kicks elect warnings.

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{"duration":"4:58","description":"Tracy Melton grew up knowing nothing about her biological father and even believed he was dead.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"54886141","title":"Woman finds long-lost father thanks to DNA test","url":"/US/video/woman-finds-long-lost-father-dna-test-54886141"}