1 woman killed in police standoff

People are leaving flowers and notes for a woman killed in Saturday's hostage standoff with police and an armed gunman in Los Angeles. ABC News' Kendis Gibson reports.
2:41 | 07/23/18

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Transcript for 1 woman killed in police standoff
Well this morning we're learning more about that deadly hostage standoff at a Trader Joe's supermarket in Los Angeles Police an argument between a man and his grandmother triggered the violence. And as stories of heroism among the victims of merged there are plenty of questions. But exactly how the young store manager was killed. This morning a growing memorial outside this Los Angeles Trader Joe's. Customers co workers even strangers leaving notes and flowers for the store's manager the leader Kuroda. Who shot and killed during a three hour standoff with police. Or. Or nine millimeter and. Authorities say it all began as a family dispute in south Los Angeles. Were 28 year old gene Atkins allegedly shot his grandmother seven times. I think positive. From my chest on the New London England an opening in the back I want to go over and over at my house. Police say wanna beckons bullets graced his girlfriend in the head before he forced her into his grandmother's car. And then took off while firing at officers as they followed. His vehicle eventually crashing into a pole outside the Trader Joe's where the gun battle with police escalated. That I urge. You know it's like three or four pops. In the distance DeVon feels a writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live was outside the store only feet away from Atkins after the crash he says he hid behind a concrete wall as officers exchanged fire with Atkins in the parking not. Three officers ran up. Knelt down. Put their guns on the retaining wall. Took aim for a moment and then opened fire and then the gunman started returning fire at them. Or at least in their general direction and then they fell to the ground to protect themselves. And they told me to lie down at that point. So then we were all laying on the ground together they were worried about the bullets going through the concrete wall we were all hiding behind so they told me away. After getting shot in the arm Atkins ran into the stork he made it a series of demands at all times are hostage negotiators believe. That they had established it and a good rapport with him some of those hostages hit in the back room one girl texting her mother during the ordeal. They were barricaded in her room in the back I don't think he everything you. That that group of people there. Several hostages could be seen leaving the store with their hands raised some using a letter to climb out of a window. Atkins eventually requested handcuffs from police and surrendered. An Atkins is held on two million dollars bail his grandmother survived the shooting. And police have not said whether the store manager who was killed was shot by the suspect. Or was caught in the crossfire.

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{"id":56752762,"title":"1 woman killed in police standoff","duration":"2:41","description":"People are leaving flowers and notes for a woman killed in Saturday's hostage standoff with police and an armed gunman in Los Angeles. ABC News' Kendis Gibson reports. ","url":"/US/video/woman-killed-police-standoff-56752762","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}