Wounded Knee Owner Looking to 'Dispose of' Massacre Site

A South Dakota man is selling 40 acres on which the 1890 massacre of Native Americans occurred.
1:39 | 05/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wounded Knee Owner Looking to 'Dispose of' Massacre Site
-- since Kim's family bought this portion of the historical site of wounded knee in 1968. Recently he put the forty acres up for sale. My goal is thrilled I was too -- to acquire this property the property sits adjacent to where about 150 of the 300 of the code of people who were killed in the 1890 massacre are buried that land should belong to them since he says he -- -- lawsuit tribe until tomorrow may first to make an offer on the land before he opens it up to outside buyers were willing to pay 83 point nine million dollar asking price. My intentions at all times -- to sell it to I was -- back. Having said that they've had thirty years to -- it. We tomorrow's deadline looming seasons he says he's had a number of offers from potential buyers. -- one locally. And we have the management group on the West Coast we have a group. From Ohio. Numerous calls to Brian -- they'll call sue tribe president went unanswered today and Kaczynski says while he hasn't heard -- and neither he won't donate the land back to the tribe as some groups suggest. I lost everything in nineteen -- in my home my trading blows my museum quality artifact so much everything my children on. It burned everything into the ground. Tim day co editor of the native -- news says he's not sure why the tribe is hesitant. I think the trend can have to assume a leadership role would have to find some -- within the tribal governments. Stand up and say here's what we want is how we want to do it. But that doesn't happen before the deadlines -- -- -- says the land will go to a private buyer. Taken. Lot of heat on Israel and I just wanted to dispose of the -- Chris intra party could -- territory news.

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{"id":19081982,"title":"Wounded Knee Owner Looking to 'Dispose of' Massacre Site","duration":"1:39","description":"A South Dakota man is selling 40 acres on which the 1890 massacre of Native Americans occurred.","url":"/US/video/wounded-knee-owner-is-selling-massacre-site-19081982","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}