The Wrap: 4/11/14

Prosecution grills Oscar Pistorius, Authorities seek cause of deadly Bus Crash, The Royal sailboat duel
2:18 | 04/11/14

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Transcript for The Wrap: 4/11/14
-- music deadly crash in northern California FedEx truck smashed head on into a -- -- Engulfing both into flames and smoke -- with the entry well -- -- going. I know that there wasn't one person when they arrived on scene that was unfortunately it's on fire. We had nine confirmed. Fatalities after the scene and we had a line. Subsequent fatality was severe. Emotional day in the fourth trip wouldn't be prosecuted -- -- -- -- -- the stories fifteen chicks with. She's a way they did not say even if you hear what we -- can make him because this is not a must the peninsula located -- -- -- in this this. -- -- It dismissed so I'm just grateful we're having had this wonderful I'm. The resignation -- under the cabinet secretary of obamacare. Kathleen -- really -- elegy for the rollout of the president's health care website will be replaced today live will. Messrs. price and told them from Russia but I am proud to nominate somebody is sincere who holds these same -- in abundance. -- -- Nine former pro hockey players are suing and I tell. Claiming the -- intentionally promoting extreme violence by encouraging fights. Regardless of the risks the players the league says it will vigorously defend its safety record. And need to tackle these bold -- only -- -- -- but. We've made -- old tensions between Russia and Ukraine can be reaching a boiling point pro Russian demonstrators. Training and government offices have been given until today to surrender for Ukraine -- breaking news. If you earthquake along the Pacific rim at this time in Nicaragua. At six point one magnitude quake damaged homes and injured dozens of -- The whole house is moving the -- that's going back -- closer to home 6 earthquakes jolted central Oklahoma overnight. Duchess of duke it out -- America's cup sailboats this morning really paid nothing competition right here she's the woman who. Queen's husband out here on these waters in a knock down drag out sailing race.

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{"id":23297060,"title":"The Wrap: 4/11/14","duration":"2:18","description":"Prosecution grills Oscar Pistorius, Authorities seek cause of deadly Bus Crash, The Royal sailboat duel ","url":"/US/video/wrap-41114-23297060","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}