The Wrap: 5/02/14

Violence escalates in Eastern Ukraine, Teen Allegedly Plotted to Kill Family, Bomb School, Prince Harry & Prince William Party in Memphis.
2:14 | 05/02/14

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Transcript for The Wrap: 5/02/14
-- -- here I think what did receive my -- -- briefing here. -- fierce fighting between the government. Pro Russian forces. -- Ukrainian helicopter shot down. For weeks cities and towns here have been holding like dominos it is obvious to the world that these Russian backed groups are about these -- at me. Diplomats -- It's here it's -- off the latest. Defuse this crisis and extend. All out civil -- seventeen year old John Ladoux is under arrest and teenager held beds. He intended to set off -- whose -- -- until it's certain quarters. Shoot students and -- According to authorities the attack had originally been planned for people twentieth. Anniversary of the company behind NAFTA we have -- what could spend more perfect mixture. Now for the latest on the LA clippers we learned overnight that the owner Donald Sterling is battling cancer. ESPN reports eighty year old sterling has had prostate cancer -- extended period of time and today the NBA inching closer to a vote on his ouster. A ten member committee unanimously agreeing quote. Move forward as expeditiously as possible -- Find crashed in a subway to Seoul South Korea one train crashed into another throwing it off the tracks one witness says passengers were told. To state inside the train eerie reminder of the ferry disaster in South Korea just two weeks yeah. 10:30 this morning received a report and I paid around noon the train. It was the Manhattan bound have trained with approximately -- thousand passengers on -- After that we just received a subpoena it's highly unusual. -- subpoenaed to be issued before there's even an official invitation for testimony issuing a subpoena I think might -- possibly. -- -- 288000. That is how many jobs -- -- month -- -- is growing but not as -- -- everyone would like it. What will work it will never grows -- suburbs like did not the British invasion of the preliminary hearing they've been down. Her close friend guidelines wedding on Saturday night headed -- economist -- -- -- highest friends -- -- at the biggest -- has an upgrade. And now he's getting married --

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"Violence escalates in Eastern Ukraine, Teen Allegedly Plotted to Kill Family, Bomb School, Prince Harry & Prince William Party in Memphis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23571260","title":"The Wrap: 5/02/14","url":"/US/video/wrap-50214-23571260"}