The Wrap: 5/09/14

Putin Takes Victory Lap in Crimea, Pelosi Calls Benghazi Probe a 'Political Stunt,' Obama Issues a Mother's Day PSA: 'Do not forget.'
2:05 | 05/09/14

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Transcript for The Wrap: 5/09/14
President Vladimir Putin arrives in Crimea. -- -- -- It began this morning in months. Show of military might that echoed Soviet displays during the cold. Virginia Beach. First and foremost we will serve our homeland in the face of western sanctions criticism just taking what amounts to a defiant. Victory and now President Obama towards becoming the first sitting president to ever visit Wal-Mart more and more companies like -- -- Realizing the -- class. To prevent us from nighttime to independent speech today the White House announcement so what are back de America. Over twenty joint she could be in possession of in the District of Columbia this is not a real one that's a mock want. No I had staff to. They have more experience and attorney general's policy. I think you're safe -- Why haven't we hadn't done. The new concerns in the search for nearly 300 school girls abducted by militants in Nigeria. No question that we're racing against the clock Nigerian government officials indicated for the first time that they now believe the girls have been separated and taken out of this. If this -- some political stunt have been there done this over and over again and sent. Stevens than dieting and John Smith Tyrone woods through their families have called us and -- please don't take -- -- this. This really is one way no other details -- back -- became trapped in fishing lines off Australia but take a look at what happened when a local fisherman. Energy row houses night jumps right into the water yeah. And -- Sunday is one. It is Mother's Day better -- public service announcement do not forget.

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{"id":23662347,"title":"The Wrap: 5/09/14","duration":"2:05","description":"Putin Takes Victory Lap in Crimea, Pelosi Calls Benghazi Probe a 'Political Stunt,' Obama Issues a Mother's Day PSA: 'Do not forget.'","url":"/US/video/wrap-50914-23662347","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}