WWII Vet Attends High School Graduation 68 Years Later

George Whalen puts on a cap and gown for the first time in his life.
3:35 | 07/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WWII Vet Attends High School Graduation 68 Years Later
I'm George well -- and I served in the United States navy during world war two and I just recently. Had the opportunity to. Walk in my day graduation. Test you have. I was born during and pro versions grew up during men. Recessions. And lived through war -- through. Survived everything as it as a kid I remember. Never men during World War II. I remember. Only a high school and and so you know the guys -- -- -- I was going off from the service. -- -- This the that would cure may be filled soon I was just say you're -- high -- I convinced my parents and I was. Ready willing and able to do that. And they just signed the papers. -- -- went to the recruiting officer. And he promised me that I wouldn't be taken before graduation. But it is three weeks before the ceremony. Isn't she lived and naval station. -- thought about the graduation went. I wasn't. Well maybe some -- I'll be able to do that. -- 45 were in Iowa into the navy and man I was assigned. Shakedown crew. With the USS Huntingdon. -- -- -- -- And I served. Until I was discharged. And 94 and should. Mr. -- -- time -- got married. -- we had. The beautiful family of ten children. One and three grandchildren. After 68 years now. I've been. Herbalist who -- during the first reported third thing with my granddaughter. -- -- and we were both able to graduate and it was a great ceremony. Everyone -- those kind and considerate. They all. -- -- -- -- The motion that they make sure that everything was very I was through -- royalty. Rarely felt like this special distinguished -- And I walked in I was the first -- in the stadium. Led the whole group reform -- really privileged to this -- was number one. The first time I was worse than my class -- wolf of course to stay hill student body stood. And acknowledgment. And they really -- for the privilege. Of doing that. I was really impressed by the civil of the kids and our actions. The veterans who are coming home now. I'm sure it's -- different transition. When you get home computer and -- your education. Go good move education that's important. The Oilers are going to be at the back of the -- rule your life. And struggling no longer. Make ends may keep -- -- -- -- for that matter. -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"George Whalen puts on a cap and gown for the first time in his life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"19552600","title":"WWII Vet Attends High School Graduation 68 Years Later ","url":"/US/video/wwii-vet-attends-high-school-graduation-68-years-19552600"}