Yankees Announcer 'Lost Everything' in Massive NJ Fire

John Sterling lived in the New Jersey apartment complex that was destroyed by a five-alarm fire.
2:56 | 01/22/15

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Transcript for Yankees Announcer 'Lost Everything' in Massive NJ Fire
We're joined on the phone now by John Sterling the announcer for the New York Yankees he lived in Avalon and that complex it lost everything in that fire. I'm John first of August our heart goes out to you and all those other residents who just lost everything you did he lost so much. But agree fortunate thing is that it was in the late afternoon when it began and they were able to get everyone out as far as I know there were no fatalities. An aunt and it is for each of because obviously when you lead you'd. What each eight review and I. Along with everyone else have lost everything I ever all changed so. So I'm out shopping this slapstick crows. And in other process say the good thing is that. That they were able to get everyone out there I guess you know the other things you can inflation can't replace human lives so. So there's a good thing about it that's the good. I mean you you lost though so I'm sure a lot of memories that you had and there are two I mean. Pictures and things like that I'm sure that you're having started to make a kind of a checklist of the things that. That that you wish I had. Well not a very possession oriented persons. A lot of pictures of my kids. Ally. Because of Jack geography. Won twelve. Local Emmys and received at this they're gone and my World Series rings outside of the one I was wearing. But the biggest fingers up lost every single stitch of like close. So. As I say you know the when the going gets stopped tough go shopping it's about doing. Have you had a chance to speak with any of your fellow residents of at all once or some kind of wave is some place that it naught at a go ahead. I went I went to a hotel and and I have not been back. Because I figure there's nothing left in the third there are two sides to Kabul on. And I was on the side that caught fire I don't even know how it caught fire. But I will say this watching the news less product. But not believe four games. And that was really major fire very major fire. So glad that everyone got out and not heard heartwarming I've heard from Steve that thousand people across the country. And everyone in the business and all my friend uses. So it's very heartwarming so you know there are some good things that happen. Here's some. But like all the neighbors again together and given away free food that the markets are giving away free food to the folks and that's that's Specter shows the good spirit of the people there John Sterling from the Yankees and yankees announcer. Thank you so much we wish you the best. And hopefully we get you're like together as quickly as possible but again the good news in all this nobody lost their lives saying to John for taking a moment.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"John Sterling lived in the New Jersey apartment complex that was destroyed by a five-alarm fire.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"28410662","title":"Yankees Announcer 'Lost Everything' in Massive NJ Fire","url":"/US/video/yankees-announcer-lost-everything-massive-nj-fire-28410662"}