7-year-old girl rescues family from house fire

The girl credited fire safety lessons at school with helping her save her family.
2:13 | 01/29/18

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Transcript for 7-year-old girl rescues family from house fire
In tragedies like the issue often hear about the lives that were say that's definitely the case here considering what could've happened but it take a look here behind me you can see. This is what's left after the Sunday morning fire luckily. All of the lives were saved because of a seven year old little girl. This little seven year old girl named Traci Dupree says she knew what to do when our home caught on Fieger because the fire safety lessons she learned in school. That links go. Amy Kane lay on top. The Italian bacon gave us so I don't marijuana smoking kills. Her family says the fire started around 10:30 Sunday morning when her thirteen year old cousin with cooking -- Her mom wasn't at home at the time that's entry if you bring its when neighbors helped heal unfair can't hear a phone to O'Connor while workers have been surprised. Her quick thinking saved her family if one was able to get out including her eleven month old cousin affair have little flavor is cut to Kazan don't want you get killed. He's a less than let's say he's thanks so worn next. On the night her thirteen year old cousin is in the hospital but is expected to survive maroon got her hair consumer. Her pillows hernia how to cook she was watching girls. And camera McCain that the fire still under investigation. And it's easy county spokesperson says the fire started in one room of the home budgets both the images. The house. Some spoke Kim fade in south okay my Graham M announced it at. Currencies gramley says the or be re proud of her hero with a polarizing she's say the an. And she got. She ran away him in CF OCC says. But Graham the due around now by the you do derived. Meanwhile Tracy is giving things to her teacher for a life saving rescue. If she's care one you know will be a hero. Or end game. There weren't you started it Craxi now. In the meantime Tracy is just hoping her thirteen year old cousins Somalia will recover from injuries sustain. From that fire reporting here in Escambia county G mobile Phillips channel three games.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"The girl credited fire safety lessons at school with helping her save her family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"52690905","title":"7-year-old girl rescues family from house fire","url":"/US/video/year-girl-rescues-family-house-fire-52690905"}