New York Officials Reveal New Info After Suspect Is Arrested

Mayor Bill de Blasio stated they now have enough evidence to believe that the bomb in the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea was "terror-related."
7:09 | 09/19/16

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Transcript for New York Officials Reveal New Info After Suspect Is Arrested
A good afternoon everyone. So with me today from NYPD. Tommy Galati Bobby voice to be Warner's. Carlos Gomez and Tucker. If Vanessa gets from the city council's I advance from the Manhattan DA's office. Creep or are from the sub district on Miller and bill Sweeney from the FBI. So it's been extremely busy two days. Obviously and many people have worked intensely tirelessly relentlessly it seamlessly. News in this investigation into the bombings in the current exit and teachers. It's. An unsuccessful so today our efforts were successful. Thanks to the brave police offices from went to New Jersey police department they captured this dangerous individual. Ahmad calmer money right here however in doing so. We had two police officers are origin in. In nature's. Which they passed and hopefully speedy recovery this is another example of what law enforcement does every day they put themselves in harm's way to protect others. Regardless of the risks and this all started on Sen. That scene on 23 C street scene the the devastation from the last. The response by Natalie NYPD by the FBI. ATF fired pardoned by yemen's Port Authority state police. They went they all went to the danger and of my first day on the job. It's my first day on this job but certainly not my first a job but just so proud what does that say the work that was done and how. It was done together. All the agencies just. Level cooperation was this was impressive. With we're joined today as I said by the assistant director in charge of New York FBI office bill Sweeney. That give you some details about the investigation but. Do need to understand it this case is very much active still and objective our primary focus has been to identify and apprehend the person. Responsible for these crimes. Now that we have this suspect in custody investigations. Can focus on other aspects such as whether this individual acted alone and what his motivations may have been. Now we have as I said. A lot more information. That's coming in all the time we have so much more information on this them even had a few hours ago based on the information we have now we have every reason to believe this was active terror. We will be going into some detail and there's still a long investigation ahead. But now we have there's every reason to believe this was an act of terror. In addition. Want to note that because this is an ongoing investigation. All New Yorkers should remain vigilant. At any given point New Yorkers may signed a peace inflation here conversations see something that could. Very much aid the NYPD FBI and our partners. One all New Yorkers to be vigilant and to provide that information you get it at any given point in time reminder you. Call 180577. Tips. What any information you have. We activated earlier today. Messaging system. Used by our office of emergency management. That allowed us to get information out to all New York groups across the board. And it had extraordinary effect also reached many people in the metropolitan area. We were able to reach all of our police officers simultaneously because the technology they have now as well. That is something that proved to be very helpful in this instance getting that message out broadly putting everyone on worked. Mutual way. We believe that was very helpful in this equation but there is still. Information that needle reports want people to be patient because it will be an ongoing investigation I want people be vigilant and finally. As I said even though this suspect is apprehensive at me and I said. Court last point four hours we will have a very strong and visible NYPD presence. Because of this incident and obviously because. The United Nations General Assembly. So you'll continue to see throughout the week. Strongest when my view presence especially from our critical response command strategic response group you'll see heavily trained. Officers and well armed officers. You will see people in our offices in the subway you'll see. Bags being checked. Bomb sniffing dogs that will continue throughout the week. And we want that high level of readiness of course from the NYPD. So I ask all New Yorkers continue your vigilance continue to share information with loans. Based on our evidence collection and supported by other analysis the GT TX began to focus on Mott Conroy army. Working to develop his whereabouts. And possible locations for surveillance. Last night the GT TF conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle near the Verrazano Bridge in Brooklyn. That vehicle had been reserved budget to tip personnel. At a location. Associated with wrong. Based on the totality of circumstances. The GT TF execs you to to stop of that vehicle the passengers in the core question budget to TF agents and detectives. No one in their cars under arrest. Based on our evidence collection. Supported by other analysis. Searches and interviews were conducted at residence. Residences and it was the futures. And in Perth am injures. Additional leads were followed as well and returned to the public this morning for assistance. Initially using a more recent formal photo wrong. A short time ago you know army was aggressive in new features. To Windham police officers were injured wall apprehending him and our thoughts are with them and we hope for the quick recovery. We will continue to conduct investigative activity. To which shore we completely understand army's social network. For that reason I do not plan to answer specific questions about our techniques. Or our knowledge of the devices. Other than that we have directly electronic devices from new York and from Saturday injures. The work of the first responders. Law enforcement personnel and the contributions of vintage public have been exceptional. Currently is going to be charged I probably lots based on that. Judy of the officers and New Jersey by the local prosecutor in Union County. While that is pending and the defendant is being held. You can expect that used his office here perhaps US attorney's office New Jersey would be working to put together. As comprehensive and thorough a collection of allegations. As makes sense. Mean we are not rushing against each other bring charges we've been all racing together. To try to catch the perpetrators here and that's now been done but we're gonna take a lot of care and lot of time to make sure that if we bring charges federally in the Manhattan. District court do we do with its careful and thorough things.

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{"duration":"7:09","description":"Mayor Bill de Blasio stated they now have enough evidence to believe that the bomb in the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea was \"terror-related.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"42201755","title":"New York Officials Reveal New Info After Suspect Is Arrested","url":"/US/video/york-officials-reveal-info-suspect-arrested-42201755"}