NYPD enters the drone age

The adoption of drones by the NYPD could affect departments across the nation.
0:50 | 12/05/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NYPD enters the drone age
We didn't make a significant announcement as of today the NYPD has taken another important step. In public safety as we begin utilize an unmanned aircraft systems. Well commonly known as drones the use of drones will also enhance office of safety. Whether responding to a hazardous materials fell. A hostage situation. Or an area that is granted in accessible. Drone technology will give out cops and they every incident commanders an opportunity to see what they're getting into before they go into hums right. Frankly for this reason alone. It would be negligent for us not to utilize this technology. So let me be clear NYPD drones will not be used for warrantless some relatives. NYPD drones will be use to save lives.

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{"duration":"0:50","description":"The adoption of drones by the NYPD could affect departments across the nation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59625471","title":"NYPD enters the drone age","url":"/US/video/york-police-department-enters-drone-age-59625471"}