10-Year Wait Is Over for Comet Landing

The European Space Agency is landing a tiny spacecraft on a comet 300 million miles from Earth.
2:25 | 11/12/14

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Transcript for 10-Year Wait Is Over for Comet Landing
Well it really could be one of the most daring feats in space exploration history yesterday the European Space Agency is planning a tiny spacecraft on a comic. 300 million miles from earth you can imagine the comet it's moving at a pretty good clip and ABC just fast. Everything is exciting and vibrant let them really. A comet made of ice and dust is moving if 41000. Miles per hour through space. On its tail the Rosetta probe belonging to the European Space Agency. It's put on a ten year mission to make contact with the comment in just hours. I remember reading a buy it went into loans. And the arrival date was so far in the future and now it's exciting though actually getting that. If successful. This will be our first chance to really understand comments and learn what conditions were like when the earth first formed. The common is four and a half billion years old. Nobody's ever tried to land on a bulky of this kind with material flowing away with gravity that changes all over the place. So it's almost impossible to really estimate which ounces but. It's risky. It's not it's certainly not guaranteed. But everybody for years is planned extraordinarily well to get the technology right this morning the Rosetta probe will launch or 220 pound mini Lander. Towards the comet. The trick will be for the Lander defined as smooth area without rocks or a slope once contact is made. Two more prunes will be fired into the comet along with screws to secure the Lander. Actor William Shatner who played Star Trek captain James Kirk is following the mission. Can't block rules. I am so excited and I wish you such good luck. Spacecraft have been purposely smash of the surface of comments before but a landing his never been attempted what makes things more difficult is the comment is shaped. Like a rubber duck green and TJ picked up up up the please. Well why it's so at this spring the spectacular that when will we know that this mission accomplished what we expect the comment further probe to land just after 10 AM on the comment. Then it will take another hour for those results to come back to earth. So around 11 AM we should know if the probe hit its target. So we'll go quack. Oh. No you couldn't of the sick of myself if I test that's who thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"The European Space Agency is landing a tiny spacecraft on a comet 300 million miles from Earth.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"26853684","title":"10-Year Wait Is Over for Comet Landing","url":"/WNN/video/10-year-wait-comet-landing-26853684"}