100-year-old California state employee

May Lee has been on the job since World War II and is still going strong. ABC’s Will Ganss has her story.
1:53 | 08/04/20

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Transcript for 100-year-old California state employee
Yellow number two pencil in hand standing at her desk. That's usually how you'd find a hundred year old may lead a financial analyst for the department of general services in California it's a setup that's worked for May. Well for all wild. I've inch sensual love from 1970. For that's their last fifty years artist then there are. And that's on top of another 27 years of service to all told may his dedicated 77. Years of service to state. She's outlasted Ted governors and may it's just a start now she's clothes on her first day back in 1943. She is very meticulous and all the reports that she writes make getting recognized by governor Gavin Newsom among others and thus the woodland parents say she should be made in a rocking chair on a porch somewhere. She still coming in contributing and paving the road for Asian Americans who came after turn they've played a role in helping change the California constitution. Which once. Banned Chinese from working in government. In front of me. Through the senate may twelfth 1940. More than half a century later she's still inspiring those who work alongside or she wants to express don't focus on the negative. Trial always look for the positive babies that optimism that keeps may lead young and working in plastic because. Just as this thankless. Slowly I'm happy. And making all of us happy just to see that may couldn't have the big party she wanted this year. But her beloved colleagues plan to small brunch for her. By the way you guys she has no plans to retire anytime soon though there's still work to dirt. Wreck isn't an employee of the month and my mom always says you're only as old as you think you are. Better than master when he started misbehave well done and what Don will thank you so much we appreciated governments are update. On Bates look at every and it band dot com.

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{"duration":"1:53","description":"May Lee has been on the job since World War II and is still going strong. ABC’s Will Ganss has her story.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72161541","title":"100-year-old California state employee","url":"/WNN/video/100-year-california-state-employee-72161541"}