19 Firefighters Dead in Yarnell Hill Wildfire

Gusty, hot winds blew an Arizona blaze out of control in a forest northwest of Phoenix killing 19.
4:05 | 07/01/13

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Transcript for 19 Firefighters Dead in Yarnell Hill Wildfire
Begin this half hour with breaking news tragic -- -- -- desperate search for nineteen firefighters missing in action in Arizona they were battling the fast moving are now -- wildfire which is already burned 2000 acres in central Arizona now. -- officials have confirmed that all nineteen of those firefighters have been killed. He O'Connor of -- Phoenix affiliate KN XD on the ground with the very latest. -- and that's exactly what they're dealing -- even -- right now hours later. And this fire just the behaviors so erratic so dangerous and fortunately that's -- blood to the tragedy earlier today of those nineteen firefighters. In and they were with -- granite mountain -- -- hot shot crew was Prescott's fire ATI data resulting other writer whose unaccounted for what agency he was working for. But he was on -- way to -- group in nineteen firefighters. They're currently on the hunt are ridiculous ago when -- first they cut the lines -- -- did give -- in shape isn't what was. Micah -- Leno within six me and tells me that -- train all year over this this is what they eat sleep and agreed to trade for wildfire conditions just like this something must've gone wrong somewhere. An investigation under way about that mean -- helicopter spotted the equity group of firefighters from -- air. They want evidence there was a firefighter who lives in that group that did manage to escape. But yet in nineteen did not they were not recovered and did that was not released to us they did pass away until around so it o'clock this -- means meanwhile other firefighters. Having -- also were still -- and ribavirin are tired to fight that is tragically learning throughout our best friends that -- Possibly brother Saddam motive fires still burning out of control 0% contained at this time. 250. Structures have burned in the town in a yard out and -- this in perspective it's a very very very small town. I'm only about 500 structures total so -- that already wiped out. -- in this -- I asked him what kind of structures that would be. And the and six Manson that includes -- -- -- -- -- -- homes and little moment we arrived around 315 this afternoon came up off of highway 89. And we were -- just on the side of the road and we -- -- fire quickly quickly coming towards us. And I'm we were told to leave -- -- And the danger situations that tomorrow marks trackers are going to be on Friday to really leave her on general -- obviously coming in and helicopters planes still continuing to dump. Water and returning on the flames. That is -- O'Connor from our Phoenix affiliate thank you for that such a tragic story these guys they're called hot shots they know what they're doing the best of the best in. What they had to do was deploy their emergency shelters -- and what that really means is something drastic happens. Big Dig themselves a hole right there in the ground and they put a cover on top them. And they hope. That the fire passes over them. There's like a 50% survival rate with this so when you're deploying your emergency shelter as it's called you know. It's it's his right it has a have to have have to the odds are that you're not gonna make a last resort it's your last resort something drastic happened. And we're we're talking that's an issue that's -- Katie was saying or talking about this kind of fire. And I'd be into it you know the pitchers are one thing but to talk about the intensity of this fire is a completely different thing. The flames of this blaze lit up the -- credit could be seen from miles away the smoke that that was really affecting everybody there could be smelled from miles and miles away this started on Friday from the lightning strike and almost immediately within the weekend it'd spread to 2000 acres at it -- you know that's how that's how begin to become. And now are talking about much much more than that. Me if she was talking about structural damage but nothing really compares to losing a life and especially such a tight knit community when yes ninety -- people hire us relatively small place the conditions are horrible it's it's a perfect storm of conditions where. Humidity is low so everything strike. Its record heat and high high --

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{"id":19541028,"title":"19 Firefighters Dead in Yarnell Hill Wildfire","duration":"4:05","description":"Gusty, hot winds blew an Arizona blaze out of control in a forest northwest of Phoenix killing 19.","url":"/WNN/video/19-firefighters-dead-yarnell-hill-wildfire-19541028","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}