2013 Election Results Offer Clues About 2016

Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton political machines flex their muscles.
3:15 | 11/06/13

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Transcript for 2013 Election Results Offer Clues About 2016
America's number one. We begin this Wednesday with election results playing the way toward presidential politics in 2016. Winners in the two biggest races Virginia and New Jersey carry major political prestige for their party's ABC tomorrow Bradley has been -- the results this morning and he's joining us now from Washington good morning -- Good morning Diane and John this was an off year election were not even at the mid terms yet but it was an election that was closely watched -- the close it could provide. About the next presidential race. A New Jersey governor Chris Christie won reelection in a landslide setting the stage for. Possible run for president when he sixteen. Christie's victory speech went beyond the garden state. It had all the hallmarks of a candidate with national aspirations. He sold as -- as a path forward for the Republican Party. Maybe the folks in Washington DC should tune in their TVs right. Christie won big a decisive twenty point victory by a Republican in a democratic state. He won a majority of women Latinos even a third of all Democrats. In Virginia -- closer contest. Terry McAuliffe former democratic fund raiser party chair -- And friend of bill and Hillary Clinton was elected governor. There are a lot of proud Democrats here are -- proud tonight folks. Virginia was something of a testing ground for Hillary Clinton's machine which is standing by for a possible White House run. McAuliffe to -- -- come to -- Tea Party backed conservative. Republican Party has two different. Versions of its future right in front of -- and two different paths toward toward success -- possible failure. Hundreds of cities across the country elected mayors in new York and end of an -- Democrat -- -- -- running -- much more liberal agenda than three term mayor Michael Bloomberg cruise to victory. The people of this city have chosen a progressive Matt. Yeah. Obama worked the phones congratulating some of last night's big winners including to -- on McAuliffe. One person he did not call Governor Christie -- and a -- she's not Bradley -- Washington for us thank you are right other notable election results pops featuring prominently into State's voters in Portland Maine's largest city declaring victory -- a measure to legalize possession of recreational amounts of marijuana. The measure got about 67%. Support even with the vote pot possession remains illegal under state and federal -- Colorado voters have agreed to a 25% tax on marijuana sales the estimated 67 million dollars generated by the tax will go towards building schools and regulating -- Pop shops. Headed -- has elected a new mayor but he won't have much to say in running the cash strapped city. Nigerian is that a motor city's first white mayor in forty years but a state appointed emergency manager we'll maintain control of the city's finances until it emerges from bankruptcy. An -- -- Houston's famed astrodome has been defeated one called once called the eighth wonder of the world the -- became the city's. Defining landmark but eventually bigger and better stadiums and Arenas. Took its place the -- -- -- anti and it will likely be demolished.

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{"id":20800227,"title":"2013 Election Results Offer Clues About 2016","duration":"3:15","description":"Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton political machines flex their muscles.","url":"/WNN/video/2013-election-results-offer-clues-2016-20800227","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}