What's Cool at the International Toy Show?

Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo shows off some of the cool apps and gadgets at the Toy Show.
3:00 | 02/21/14

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Transcript for What's Cool at the International Toy Show?
It was a lot more than just a brand new pair of roller skates this we can Javits Center New York -- the toy industry association's 111. Annual American international toy fair had a little something for -- -- but the overriding theme this year. It's all about the after hour in isn't is Dick DeBartolo walks us through it. Anything -- LEV on there. On the air again. You can attach any shoes size thirteen of the best parts businesses that might make these guys -- -- -- and -- -- -- turn -- every step you take. It's gonna be knocked out come -- the -- and you guys. Players and they should be -- stuff like -- are under forty dollars and there are available now. How about taking the paper airplane. And making it not only electronic. Making it pollutes too. This is the invented -- shy and he's gonna tell us about how -- off. Our it's really all about -- its origami paper airplane that everything didn't. Make people needed six. And now our connecting cutting edge technology despite slipping on. Union plumber. That paper airplane can fly over ten minutes. Using a Smart -- So I could save despite giving the ball right back on the writer okay. And this -- -- process. So we actually controlling it really. And you can -- for over. Ten minutes and -- using my -- -- We're using technology to make -- Paper airplane flying experience -- the -- we just finished the kick starter weeks ago we raised over one point. And it's going to be available in the -- From June until last daily storage building a lot of fun but this year we have that China with the -- It has helped us swimmer Diana zoo where -- -- -- -- -- -- Is this evening he does he does -- he does optical sensors oh my word you a little bit happy you're like like we'll be up have a I'm sending -- to raise the -- Ali telling -- -- new device it's called the power writer 360 is electric. -- electric powered the front -- that electric motor driving it. And a lot of fun for kids eight and up and any -- that we've been through. Comment -- on here to -- -- MIP what is -- and four. Noble inverted pendulum. You can choose the -- dad you can even happening need to come down despite having indeed if you didn't look out of interactive. They're kind of like people on -- This is black. And what it is from the back -- So that you can go riding around. And what's new this year is. Knight rides zip lines that is what this looks like and made it they range from. 99219. -- nine the -- Jerry. One thing about twice her kids are not allowed in -- at -- animals are welcome. First and folks -- -- that we stop here every year and three and win it. -- -- -- -- Believe it. That. Toy fair warning for team. Good stuff -- the -- looked like fun -- web site -- website is called gives -- is dot visit has all those toys on the side of you noticed all these -- look like they actually for -- for the adults as well I think so because he seemed pretty pretty anxious. And look at the top trends in this year's toy fair larger than life toys remote control -- is -- toys. -- even monsters. Custom built and retro back to basics and that's when I think has a retro feel to it. It was a much as you remember those pallets out there -- Looks like a treasure troll I think what is treasure tolerance drug entitlement member of the -- -- advertising capsule that it might look like criminal Magellan -- -- and -- And when you rock -- -- hazardous response to voice commands to stop talking. Okay what do you movement is -- it. And it's supposed to go to the -- I got to put the -- says it's -- -- true kids that it dances to the -- -- -- out on guitar. He gets together and -- -- passing play in the thing rocks out and I love it.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo shows off some of the cool apps and gadgets at the Toy Show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22613099","title":"What's Cool at the International Toy Show?","url":"/WNN/video/2014-international-toy-show-dick-debartolo-22613099"}