30th anniversary of 1989 California earthquake

Today marks 30 years since the devastating 1989 earthquake that rocked the Bay Area. ABC News’ Will Ganss has a look back.
2:16 | 10/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 30th anniversary of 1989 California earthquake
We in the rough. Our regular program is scheduled to bring you a special report from ABC news I'm Ted Koppel there has been a rather stronger earthquake in northern California. October 17. 1989. California's Bay Area rocked by six point nine magnitude earthquake just after 5 PM. It's a frightening feeling an up above as the lights are starting to shake a bit we don't know what's happening outside the studio at this time the damage devastating. See the fire. Down past me I would have happened that the natural gas lines have ruptured. And that is what has caused that fire the water line to rupture there is no water coming out of the fire hydrants. Buildings burning in San Francisco others collapsing just like they did in Santa Cruz debris killing three people there. A section of the San Fran Oakland Bay Bridge collapsing. Two cars that were on the upper deck when the bridge collapse. They fell below. And in west Oakland 42 people losing their lives when a double deck section of interstate 880 crumbled. President George H. W. Bush surveying the devastation caused by what would forever be called the Loma pre eight earthquake. Sad in some way than just. Genuine. Appreciation. For their way this community is pulling together. In all 63 people were killed and another 3700. Injured. Experts saying that number would have been much worse had it not Ben for the World Series game being played in San Francisco. The giants taking on the Oakland Athletics which meant at the time fans were more likely off of those bridges and roads that collapsed. Thirty years later at part of the Bay Bridge has been completely replaced. Began its freeways and buildings rebuilt. -- today sixteen point four million people are set to take part in the great seek out earthquake trail the largest in the history. Also this afternoon earthquake early warning alerts will become publicly available throughout all of California. Marking the nation's first statewide quake warning system. Those early earthquake cell phone warnings will function the same way as the wireless notification systems that issue amber alerts on our phone. We'll be right back after this.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"Today marks 30 years since the devastating 1989 earthquake that rocked the Bay Area. ABC News’ Will Ganss has a look back.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"66339163","title":"30th anniversary of 1989 California earthquake","url":"/WNN/video/30th-anniversary-1989-california-earthquake-66339163"}