New 3D Pen to Create Sculptures

A new pen can create 3D art as you draw it.
2:54 | 02/21/13

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Transcript for New 3D Pen to Create Sculptures
-- this first story in the mix comes from they had some of the calls that a moral yeah -- like this line. If there's of this kicks are paid to people can donate money to a project -- get it off the ground so kick start you can find this project called three -- -- work. Which is the first ever 3-D. Printing -- video here is is pretty cool this thing does it speaks. -- plastic strips onto eighth drawing surface -- literally -- you do with that then it becomes -- three dimensional figures like -- saw -- Eiffel -- a second ago in that video so they've already raised almost 400000. Dollars. For this -- -- -- thirty's obviously he's doing very very well but it literally takes your artistic creations right there. All the -- if you go to this site again kick starter had donated this three new alert for contribution of 75 but -- get that then head to. Bags of that plastic stuff that makes the -- -- right -- off the page silly string with any it's kind of -- -- has grown. Technology could be chemical. But never Christmas here -- now here's something that everybody knows that finally -- science behind it women talk more than -- -- -- We talk so much more than men apparently. We speak 20000. Words more that you -- thirteen thousand words more than you guys we stick to when he speaks -- a day. -- -- -- -- clearly this is all because we have a higher protein called fox. -- eat could decrepit but I'm glad. There are a couple of -- -- even better. So female. We might start caddie. And but -- didn't hear -- girls think quicker than boys do it developmentally south. Buried here -- folks who -- -- brought you New Yorkers out there apparently. In this consumer culture that we have here New York a brilliant thing is coming where they're gonna have these. Vending machines in the cats you can hear it can swipe your card -- -- And -- and pay your bill million. Like -- and to the -- machines that will sell everything from Cologne to condoms in fact in the back. And they can enter debut at that hadn't read -- locations in New York come into a cab sometimes. Do you need to and it happened -- -- Very interesting so I'll just say we don't have been okay -- -- -- new more New York -- more blow and. It really want to get -- -- -- -- yard at the rumor being year old son a birthday party. But now he's facing endangering welfare top of a child -- -- because she hired strippers. Merely she hired strippers. Look of course is how everybody found analysts. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":18554651,"title":"New 3D Pen to Create Sculptures","duration":"2:54","description":"A new pen can create 3D art as you draw it.","url":"/WNN/video/3d-pen-create-sculptures-18554651","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}