53,000 new coronavirus cases in 1 day

This surge is causing concern going into the holiday weekend with the potential for large gatherings. ABC’s Kenneth Moton reports.
3:02 | 07/03/20

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Transcript for 53,000 new coronavirus cases in 1 day
This morning hospitals across the country are bracing for the fourth of July it makes me really nervous. I know after the fourth. That we can potentially see another surge if things don't change and he wanted to get a little more serious. And the next two weeks you know win over who. This is a category six hurricane of the illness we get back yeah we need to save the flames. Huge crowds and holiday parties threatening to set off a new surge of krona virus infections. Even asked the nation's top doctor warns the US is already at risk of losing control. Right now if you look at the number of cases it's quite disturbing. Or with setting records practically every day. A new cases that clearly is not the right direction. We are beautiful city. Gaming unit that is going to be able to meet the demand for patients it. Hospital and Arizona are struggling with a surge of patients. And textures I don't think we can handle you know 500000 people down here for the weekend cities are closing beaches and hopes of controlling crowds. Vanilla Ice carefully and a weakened concert. The governor reversing course now mandating mask after 13 of the state reported a record number of new cases Thursday Pope in nineteen is not. Blowing away. In fact. Is getting worse. Now more than ever action by every one is needed Houston now reporting won him Arco bid nineteen cast are coming back positive some icy use have hit full capacity. After Memorial Day weekend. Are increase happened so quickly. It was just. Overwhelming me while I Missouri's lake of the Ozarks where Memorial Day pool parties made national headlines due to the lack of social distancing. Authorities are trying to prepare for Brecher crowns this weekend. I've never been really concerned overly. About a holiday weekend but I will tell you this searched me. Chicago is the latest city to crack down on visitors coming from hot spots the city now issuing a court T order. While Washington State is now allowing businesses to refuse service to anyone not wearing of peace covering and West Hollywood no mask will now cost you 300 dollars it comes as California reports nearly 101000 new cases in just 24 hours. In Riverside County IC use are at 90% capacity. And nurses are on a ten day strike. You know that the TV shortages and Jason wide. But I feel like our hospital is done exceptionally poor job in terms of distributing TBE maintaining our supply chain. But in New Hampshire or you know this is not. Because you can see it there's a lot of arrogance going to be able to get here nursing home workers say after fighting to get FEMA to send them supplies. Their deliveries are unsafe and flat out faulty but we've been treated like garbage by the federal response throughout this entire crisis. The emphasis is on hospitals or nursing homes have been neglected. Even our nursing homes have been hardest hit by the buyers. Asked of the lake of the Ozarks officials say they expect more than a million visitors this weekend.

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"This surge is causing concern going into the holiday weekend with the potential for large gatherings. ABC’s Kenneth Moton reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"71598253","title":"53,000 new coronavirus cases in 1 day","url":"/WNN/video/53000-coronavirus-cases-day-71598253"}