Adding a chill to your workout

ABC News' Will Ganss takes us to New York's Brrrn gym where low-temperature routines allow you to work out longer and more efficiently.
4:14 | 02/08/19

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Transcript for Adding a chill to your workout
It's the coolest worked out in New York literally. It's called heard. Get it and while the pollen count is high temp solo flight between 45 and sixty degrees well that's no joke. Seriously there really into the cold. But those colder Temps translate to a hotter but just ask for and co-founder Johnny Adams. You can work out harder for longer you burn more calories you burn fat you can acclimate but for us were all about performance were all about mindset. And and focus and resiliency. And the stats are there to back it up. One of the key studies that we found was a study that the US army department of environmental Madison did 12015. And it looked at all the marathons. From the past 3035. Years and they found that. 404142. Degrees Wu was the past temperature to run a marathon that's with a New York marathon is in fall in the Boston isn't spring. Johnny and currents other co-founder Jimmy Martin. Putting the theory to the test we tested this ourselves our first trial was in appear it was in six point breweries here Frazier right. Flash forward to now where the tents are still your fridge slow and TV says that works for all body time. Everyone he wanted to cool kids at burned. Tell everybody that walks and whether there in the bashing but their life whether trying to get into good shape they're all doing under one roof no judgment about progress not perfection. And really saying that you wanted to get the best out of your work out turn thermostats down. How far down. Depends on the class Jimmy took me through abbreviated versions of each. Cans and feel the same time hit is a high impact classes offered at 45 degrees. Hi. Hi. Lo lo. Sprint sprint. Slide is a body conditioning class. It 55 degrees we to a spring that left knee and and flow is a yoga inspired classic opera had to tell me sixty. Eyes slid into wanted to slide class. In a typical class the lights are low studio lit blues and purples almost like an ice caps. The perfect place let it go. Need. So I'd channeled my inner Elsa letting it go and letting it get sweaty despite those chilly Temps. But when you're sweating in a 55 degree room economy. It's an earned fees and what's great is not sweating the first minute because of the room. Yeah and that's just your body trying not to put its organs as the wounds so hot. So you drop the temperature you're working out harder for longer and once you start to get injured group and it really starts to. For our idea and a class I take it makes sweat pants off. Now I get why it's called for. But I felt great solid work out in a cool place but some hot music. I guess you could say it was love cross site. Byrd also has amazing game threads on is available as well so if you want to heat up after classy feel like the sweating wasn't enough you can do that. And they say to treat it kind of like dessert they heat so a little bit goes a long way. Oh good to know until well after her three days of this what series what was your favorite what what's the one that you think you could may be regular Jews do entering their base. So I love them all for different reasons. I think if I wanted to like. Really work on my leg vibes and have a good time roller discos the place to go. Burn I think that I'll go back often. It was really find the music was amazing it was a tough work out I was very sore the next day but it felt like it was sort of for the right reasons. I don't think about it I think an outlet while doing it and let doing it through the whole class not giving up our bags I don't know about that a little leaving you negotiate. This it was only menu I'm not convinced. We're obviously not taking a camera. It's a great motivated though I will stay Geneen gimmick made all the suits and when there's a camera looking at you while you're right about it's like okay now my plank it's going to be. So solid.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"ABC News' Will Ganss takes us to New York's Brrrn gym where low-temperature routines allow you to work out longer and more efficiently.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"60933229","title":"Adding a chill to your workout","url":"/WNN/video/adding-chill-workout-60933229"}