Adele Breaks Her Own Record

The British singer's latest album, "25," has gone platinum for a third week!
3:16 | 12/28/15

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Transcript for Adele Breaks Her Own Record
An effort skinny and topping our headlines this morning when about. Hebert to dally she's breaking her own record yet her new album 25 continues to rewrite recording history. Selling more than a million copies in its fifth week of release and enjoying its third platinum selling week. Sales of 25 apparently enjoyed hunting bomb. Increasing by 46%. Over last week's impressive totals and the album actually sold a total of seven point 13. That extends seven point 13 million copies 7130000. Copies facts and credible. Effort to I did not. Okay your windows out yeah I thought I was gonna get a record player for Christmas with a tattoo but it did go recommendation given us a heads up and that this. All right so next we all know how to get Howell to get. To Sesame Street. And it's not via. PBS it cool but last summer the iconic TV show announce that it's moving from its home of 45 years to fancier Richard eggs but talking each BO. Now getting sneak peek at the first season of the new Sesame Street new trailer for the series packed with A list celebrities from for Rowell and Jon Hamm. It affects. Are. Summer. Yeah. 46 season of Sesame Street will correct him you half hour episodes on Saturday the sixteenth of January at 9 AM. Followed by a one new episodes each Saturday nine months later they'll be aired. For free on PBS so they didn't completely sellout finished you can still find among pediatric just not the link. We'll start out and HBO it but I mean it's not. It's TV. I'm next to some of fresh buzz from another series. Set to start next month on the facts we have been amazed at the teases or the people vs OJ Simpson American crime story showing off the young can. Transformation of John Travolta and to defense attorney Robert Shapiro and now FX has quietly. Been sending out dvds and streaming links to journalists have been watched the first six episodes how he looks so much like him to snakes so by the buys has been generally positive mostly in regards to cast their Paulson in particular from the trail. A prosecutor Marcia Clark the series begins at ten episode run on peddling second. Finally speaking on dvds and streaming we're learning which movies were the most popular took pirates into fasten fifteen piracy tracking firm. XCPO. Has pegged the top three most pirated movies number three avengers agent are trying to nearly 42 million illegals out okay and number two theories seven at nearly 45 million. Download and drummer all interstellar after 47 million illegal downloads and helping to round out the top ten Jurassic world American sniper fifty should degrade. Bush went for Hollywood the surge in numbers are an indication that film piracy continues unabated don't do it folks at our report card for the stuff.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"The British singer's latest album, \"25,\" has gone platinum for a third week!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35970818","title":"Adele Breaks Her Own Record","url":"/WNN/video/adele-breaks-record-35970818"}