Adele's '25' is the Highest Selling Album

Adele's fourth album, "25," sold more records in one week than any album in Nielsen history.
4:21 | 11/30/15

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Transcript for Adele's '25' is the Highest Selling Album
But it's a leading this giddy this morning we can call her the current queen of the music world and where of course talking about a Dell and now it's official the British singer sold. 3.3. Million copies of her new album 25 rate your name last. I think it's a phenomenal feat in his artists rarely found more than one million albums than a week yeah they're coming Hillary illegally download. Have gaining steam of course from the hit single pen meadow. I Dell's first album in four years old. More in one week than any other album since Nielsen started keeping track and head is back in 1990 why. Amazing feat congratulations on that focus that would help us talk about. Did the men in a Dell's alive who have inspired her songs one guy's getting all the attention. His name is Peter van intervene and he's the security professional who is setting hearts on fire. Actually simulating got has bodyguard but is now getting plenty of work with a Dell. She said that's top of the charts hello and beat the heat would even hotter and. And he's Fieger picky. A tremendous pause. Pregnant because I don't think I was ripping it in. What's with the guy get a due to her head that are around here. Very he's good looking guy. A case. All right time to balance out the love fest with a live Gatorade we might call it classic sold trade awards in Las Vegas hosted by my friend Erica but do. When he where. He now hotly you know winners of the evening was. That weekend death and the fox uptown funk but to work each but all of the winner and the collaborations are being overshadowed by is. Call out of a famous female rapper. Title eighty affiliate has been served according to the host Obama. And yeah. And I you can count costly yeah. She looks like she's where we're wears while those glasses Susan should not. The joke was actually part of a bit where Baidu is seeing who can come aboard this old Trenton. Despite the last some people on social media have argued that as daily apple asked Don. Silent on social media this month. It's hip hops easiest target it's kind of disappeared on this me completely. Okay the seventh offering in the rocky film franchise called creed enjoying some success right now came in third. At the box office this past holiday weekend and is a critical success. Burning itself an impressive 92%. On the. I'm the Associated Press columns I think what's the second time and circumstances it would be exciting to come back and work with Mike and why of course professor Sloan went on to make five now rocketed this after the first six academy. On the site. To Michael B Jordan you've seen as absent this he had enough for you or. OK yeah I he'll pass through their it. 60 and I've fidelity we have some congratulations and said now big families for many celebrities. Starting at Mary Kay Olson the former full house star getting married over the weekend to French banker Olivier Sarkozy and you guessed that he's the half brother after former French president Nicholas Sarkozy. According to page six bulls up. Cigarettes or offer to guests at that meet our wedding. Light up. During a reception Barrett also big news for actress Anne Hathaway announced that she. And husband Adam Tillman are expecting their first child had we said earlier this year she plans to have kids through natural birth and adoption. Congratulations then unborn baby news. Rap legend there and reality TV star Ice-T and wife Coco welcomed their baby girl into the world the couple shared pictures on social media revealing the babies today met unlike her parents it is not a beverage. It is Chanel Nicole should get it some. Mom had a big mom named Coco and had a baby should now. All I like quote the opposite should now.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"Adele's fourth album, \"25,\" sold more records in one week than any album in Nielsen history.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35484680","title":"Adele's '25' is the Highest Selling Album ","url":"/WNN/video/adeles-25-highest-selling-album-35484680"}