Having an Affair Better for the Waistline

The stress of cheating can cause weight loss.
2:55 | 02/22/13

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Transcript for Having an Affair Better for the Waistline
-- -- welcome to them makes -- interesting information for you in the makes me. This lineup according to a survey done by a website for married people seeking affairs. Having an affair is better for weight loss thing going on a diet if you can believe it for the quarter the survey survey -- -- -- -- and lost an average of six pounds cheating women lost an average of ten. How the -- is Rebecca that's exactly what it is and so this is not a very scientific survey obviously if you think about it being stressed about kind of things but this is adrenaline -- stress -- heart rate goes up. You breathe faster your blood pressure rises -- things -- you burn -- -- -- important. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Arafat also they finally found out -- -- involved all the wiring our brain and makes it hard to see some of those famous tongue twisters like unique you -- you knew the unique. New York for a seat sales she -- -- Asia are there's actually -- this -- journal study that -- our brains are wired situated there's no scientific reason why we some of us. King and his words out of our mouth and that's where I can't get out. Comment for example Laurie wore a call to win -- all the stories. -- -- -- -- -- Again everybody dance. And -- PM how everything -- diet. -- -- Apparently the loss is thinking -- -- Bruno and there's not yeah. When the -- and a hill and okay. Working the graveyard here. -- -- CN. -- special announcement. This morning when we wish you must love congratulations to former world -- -- -- Jeremy -- he welcomed an adorable little girl Amy -- yeah she is. -- -- Yeah maybe.

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{"id":18564134,"title":"Having an Affair Better for the Waistline","duration":"2:55","description":"The stress of cheating can cause weight loss.","url":"/WNN/video/affair-waistline-18564134","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}