Alec Baldwin Appears in Court

The "30 Rock" star was in court after an altercation with police over his bicycle.
3:25 | 07/25/14

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Transcript for Alec Baldwin Appears in Court
OK time now for the skinny and I think our headlines this morning again. -- actor Alec Baldwin again and again -- Hollywood hot head was back in court yesterday facing a judge over his two we'll throw down with two NYPD cops this past may. Riding his bicycle the wrong way up Fifth Avenue and that's kind of a big deal here now. Witnesses describe Baldwin is being foul mouth and belligerent and can you believe it in court yesterday -- went offered to resolve the case with a fine. The judge said -- just looking for an apology. Altman said he'd rather -- the -- you -- if you just invites this stuff anyway neither happened the judge cleared the judge cleared the way for dismissal. If Baldwin can behave for the next six months. We're not hold their breath on that one -- and we would have no -- stories that would have been looking next. Think this is big for Batman fans -- -- -- this is our first look at Hollywood's newest superhero in honor -- and 75 birthday this week DC comics is releasing. -- -- Brooding image of -- hunky. Ben Affleck -- Chris later at -- San Diego comic. Continent. That's right comic con is one -- -- -- -- -- tell you Affleck is set to star as Scotland's dark -- the upcoming Batman vs Superman on of justice. The new movie is set for release in 2016 what do you think of Ben Affleck is -- I think Ben -- -- anything. I would take -- Ben Affleck -- WNN anchor Ben Affleck -- -- cheeseburger Ben Affleck with double cheeseburger. But speaking of burgers. It's back to -- -- and bikinis for Paris that's right nine years ago you remember the -- of bikini clad Paris Hilton was shot. Washing her Bentley while eating a hardee's -- hardy's. Carl's junior burger. That video triggered a viral sensation so now she's back out again -- -- the helping out -- -- super -- Everyone wants a taste -- Texas. I don't get I think mixing sex and food but anyway the new spot promoting -- new Texas beat it you know. That -- it features Texas native -- percent of Sports Illustrated model who was a rookie of the year finalist in its recent swimsuit issue. The Bentley was like burgers. -- people love the ads though. They do they do exactly. And from bikinis the lingerie Britney Spears showing off her new line of underwear -- -- where tweeting out this race image of herself saying becoming the very. -- the instrument collection just a peek at what's to come according to a website the spears line of lingerie it will launch in September -- In the US and Canada and September 26 in Europe -- -- Knowing you're here. -- picking -- -- it finally. Hit. Note today stopping -- -- the celebrity birthdays soap opera star Katherine Kelly -- -- this could be beautiful. Matt LeBlanc turns 47 TLC's Adrienne Janet both the overhaul and turns forty and Dexter actor Preston Bailey turned fourteen. Happy birthday to one and all know what that.

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{"id":24707828,"title":"Alec Baldwin Appears in Court","duration":"3:25","description":"The \"30 Rock\" star was in court after an altercation with police over his bicycle.","url":"/WNN/video/alec-baldwin-appears-court-24707828","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}