Alec Baldwin is the New 'Trump' on SNL

Baldwin will play Donald Trump alongside Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton on the new season of Saturday Night Live.
4:09 | 09/29/16

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Transcript for Alec Baldwin is the New 'Trump' on SNL
Yet still on this national coffee date. Then we'll clearing drinks and coffee and then some percent Chardonnay. I can't topping our headlines this morning. Bits of comic relief off the campaign trail. Counting down to this weekend's season premiere of Saturday Night Live that you can expect to see an old familiar face in a brand new high profile role. Alec Baldwin will debut his Donald Trump impression this Saturday and it will reportedly play that part for the entire season. This will be epic Saturday night live's skid we'll see the return also Kate MacKinnon as Hillary Clinton. As it to face up in the debate. Well Glenn apparently had ambivalent feelings about trump. In the recent past telling Howard Stern last June that he would love to see trumping the Republican nominee but that in June of this year he told a British newspaper that trump is the quote. First candidate made of hate term rates that he'll play with. A lot of cash. Saying next to an overseas security scare for Kim Kardashian. Credit seen the reality star was arriving at a restaurant in Paris when a man ran over and tried to attack her. For the rented out to be an anyways here Inkster was tackled by Fred asked his bodyguard. Just as he tried to kissed her on the cheek the pranksters at former Ukrainian news reporter any told the AP that he tried to kiss. Kardashians famous dairy air as a protests quote to popularize. Natural beauty. Kids are on the cheek she that they got. Netted 47 year old just days ago it acts supermodel Gigi had the aid but she. Him in the face how bored he ran a way to really good shot at yet she did. And they also spent two days in jail two years ago. After attacking it. Parent so that's beyoncé has apparently infiltrate in the halls of academia in. Texas this semester if you lucky students at the university of Texas at San Antonio consent for a class called. Black women beyoncé and popular culture. Students who take the course will spend a semester exploring the singer's visual album lemonade and it's. Relationship to black feminism and. While the class may look like an easy EA professor Kinney your Brooks cautions that it's not just an opportunity. To listen to beyoncé music are you walk UC registering more. Study found that. I am disappointed professor Barrett said it best decision requires students to be made sure. You don't apply self Iraq. No in critical thinkers now Matt Nathanson. Then they have a genuinely care about about life issues being at a fairly students who work hard enough shouldn't expect anything less than. Data and paint can then. Let rain MBA and Sweeney mean because of Villa Wednesday I think you different moment that's so what it. If you've got repaired at the competition isn't looking to the best thing elated fans each other again and my friend of practice. And finally if you're looking to buy a sizable chunk of ninety's this felt a look no further then 2640 Steiner street in San. It just so that address. The city's Pacific heights neighborhood is home to the iconic house featured in the 1993 filmed its mrs. doubtfire starring Robin Williams and Sally Field. And then they. Can't know him we now know that someone a catalog of accident about 33 to deer meat to Victoria end it was both an 1893. As four bedrooms three and a half bathrooms. And a. Two car rush that's pretty good there for separate systems and a house is listed for. Four and a half million dollars to current owner is a leading Doctor Who specializes in. Facial feminization and certain now transgender patients and plans to retire. To the wine country can you believe that the senate that is really. Sort of go with that we go do speculating or so what you but appears she is the C. Ending I and I do much you have to Collison an end alignment.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"Baldwin will play Donald Trump alongside Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton on the new season of Saturday Night Live.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"42440926","title":"Alec Baldwin is the New 'Trump' on SNL ","url":"/WNN/video/alec-baldwin-trump-snl-42440926"}