This Man Is a Record Breaker: Who Is Alex Trebek?

Trebek has hosted the most episodes of the same game show with 6,829 episodes of "Jeopardy."
3:16 | 06/16/14

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Transcript for This Man Is a Record Breaker: Who Is Alex Trebek?
And the answer is -- back. The question is -- hosted the most episodes of the same game showed correct broke that record on Friday. Get this posting his 6829. Episode of jeopardy -- -- It's actually certified it as a -- It's interesting -- edition of the show is wrapping up its thirtieth season. The original was hosted by our planning for only sixteen years when it was -- launched from back was the host he's 73 and says he has no plans to retire in fact. His current contract runs for another two years. Unbelievable and here he's got that voice that will not like -- -- case and we're just talking about he's one of those people when you hear you know exactly who it is. -- 6000 shows -- 7000 shows unbelievable. Are you now how new parents like to watch that show other little with their little ones -- -- they're well take a lot Kelly Clarkson. May soon be joining our audience over the weekend marks and announce the arrival of a new baby girl named river road was never rose. Dot that dad is Brandon Blackstock. Whom Carson wed last October the Grammy winning hearts and has made it clear she didn't intend to stop -- -- and she -- -- Lots of babies as she does all right Jay-Z. There's been getting -- touch and very touching Father's -- shot up from his wife beyoncé the mega stars were out for a walk with their two year old daughter Blue Ivy. The beyoncé snapped this photo and -- -- out but it comes. Of course ringers you know where's the couple's parenting skills are under a bit of fire. We have -- thousands of people of signed an online petition titled Cole and her hair calling -- the musicians for their apparent lack of hair care for their daughter. The couple has not responded to the petition I have to say my kids have wild hair -- get up in the morning I was. At church today that looked over my son's hair is like a wild crazy -- and it just happens people come on get some bargains and style. And yeah. Good stuff all right now to another celebrity dad celebrating Father's Day can guard -- engine resist sharing this photo with the world look at back. Husband -- -- west for -- with there. Donner north look at so -- they look like they're dumping him. You can -- it played so hard all day they -- -- watching basketball together proud momma having the baby girl turned one year old on Father's Day -- okay -- execute their team play at. All right and one more here people Middleton and her younger brother James are here in the United States there on a cross country relay bike track for -- looking. -- go there they picked up their ride this weekend in San Diego. It will spend about 3000. Miles and in Annapolis Maryland the plan is for the team to cycle through. Twelve states and eight days with each -- peddling at least 315. Miles a day. And keep it is the only woman on -- team and she's only one of the few women ever to take part in this grueling event. What it's all over people is by will be auctioned off on -- so get ready for that -- -- right okay well you know that's say it's just. Everyone wants and what she's going to be wearing. That's a great looking for number and an encore energy and sixteen some celebrity birthdays. Roberto what I Doran who turns sixty -- -- hamburger happy birthday.

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{"id":24152374,"title":"This Man Is a Record Breaker: Who Is Alex Trebek?","duration":"3:16","description":"Trebek has hosted the most episodes of the same game show with 6,829 episodes of \"Jeopardy.\"","url":"/WNN/video/alex-trebek-guinness-world-record-holder-24152374","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}