Alex Trebek opens up about cancer fight

The "Jeopardy" host also answers a question viewers have had about his hair. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports.
1:45 | 05/10/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alex Trebek opens up about cancer fight
Jaffray hosts Alex your back is offering new insight about his battle with cancer is diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer back in. March now he's revealing just how hard it was the finished taping jeopardy is current season. This morning Alex trek opening up and a new interview admitting he had to push through severe pain on the set of jeopardy. At the start of his cancer treatment for back telling CBS in an interview airing Sunday just got really bad I was on the floor right being in pain. I didn't know what was happening to Beck says doctors found a lump the size of a small fist in his abdomen. He's been losing us here because the chemo treatments and ever the showman from back issued a challenge to his loyal viewers while talking to Jane Pauley figure out. Is that Alex's real hair. Or is that a fool. Therapies because they all know when you start chemo you moves your hair. So which is it are and you're looking right now. It. Pollution is not the real me but on an air. I'm told that there were times. When the hair piece looked better then my real hair so we'll see how people react to that. Earlier this month Rebecca order Robin Roberts that he's used to dealing with pain but what I'm not used to dealing with is these surges that come on suddenly. Of deep. Deep sadness. And it brings tears in my eyes direct says when he was in pain while taping jeopardy producers offered to stop production. But he refused in so dirt on. Director of April 1 his own hair to that hair piece he's hoping grows factor in jeopardy this summer hiatus.

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{"duration":"1:45","description":"The \"Jeopardy\" host also answers a question viewers have had about his hair. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"62956629","title":"Alex Trebek opens up about cancer fight","url":"/WNN/video/alex-trebek-opens-cancer-fight-62956629"}