Amanda Bynes Attacks Rihanna on Twitter

The troubled actress calls the singer ugly and accuses her of "tryin to be white."
3:25 | 05/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amanda Bynes Attacks Rihanna on Twitter
Time now for the -- ready to be a little disturbed. Highlighting this is wacky by Amanda behind standards this is really. Disturbing is -- -- bizarre stuff. She's been taken that I Twitter this is after her arrest for allegedly throwing a bomb out the window -- out last week. And she's going after Rihanna now with -- I don't know and it's really goofy stuff the first weeks. You look so ugly trying to be white the second one Chris Brown beat you because you're not pretty enough. Today that's -- what do you say to that that's just crazy totally untrue about how I mean we've been telling the theory didn't provoked it's just. That's -- didn't kill off the hook not to Rihanna briefly responded to the -- -- with this week. -- see what happens when they cancel intervention. Good for -- for just being a little -- -- and shown restraint. The -- experienced askance and of course there was that. And cops showing up lasts a week at her apartment after the reports that a bomb was thrown her apartment like stories below -- of the street backlash to the another tweet which you won't put up there but eventually this one is just bizarre it was well she said about the cops. There they -- she said. Don't believe the reports about me being arrested it's all lies and it talking about the police officer who for a start he slept in my. The JG. And that's not what she is she's the real word a body part her around. -- 380 gets yet he slapped my -- -- she's. You know selling -- -- there. You always want to give at the person that's been arrested the benefit of the doubt that they didn't do anything wrong but when you deep. You lather craziness crazy and end up with Korea -- little crazy on our -- is really just ultimately -- the objective thinks he's not. She -- a little bit to help we -- not sure what kind of help OK moving to this sad news Angelina Jolie we were -- share revealed. Probably about a week and a half ago that the double mastectomy. Because she had been they it was revealed to her that she and 87% chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer because her mom died of ovarian cancer -- -- -- while her aunt. Passed away of breast cancer after a long battle with breast cancer her name Debbie Moore and Oscar winning her husband Oscar winner -- Martin. She passed away on Sunday. Bentley -- Angelina has been in touch with the violation have been able to be there but she does send her support and her loved it today and so in -- it how it's. For people to understand why she would do something so dramatic ending that's here to the family history and you kind of search understands. Here's a little story that might be uplifting for American Idol fans I think this is -- -- -- had so much trouble controversy Mariah and -- -- got Randy Jackson -- -- Melissa this Jennifer what's ahead may need an American Idol judges and that kind of -- contestant turned superstar Jennifer Hudson has reportedly signed the -- and judge for the show this cord around his listener this. They also apparently according to. For Clay Aiken. So let me -- -- cool to have some of these guys who really original show just starts in their own right how she got me as a superstar in Michigan we. Seven yeah.

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{"id":19263906,"title":"Amanda Bynes Attacks Rihanna on Twitter","duration":"3:25","description":"The troubled actress calls the singer ugly and accuses her of \"tryin to be white.\"","url":"/WNN/video/amanda-bynes-attacks-rihanna-twitter-19263906","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}