Amazing Americans: Carl Grauer

The artist is using paint to bring people together in his two-hour portrait series. ABC’s Will Ganss has the story.
3:10 | 07/28/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amazing Americans: Carl Grauer
For the past eight years Carl Brower has been using arts to bring people together they really don't like oh. People are all now. How great conversation and sometimes you Mathieu crying yeah carnal sitting with family friends and total strangers for his. Q how we're portrait series folks from all walks of life sitting with Carl for a hundred. When he nick. Spilling their guts. I imagine you're kind of seeing decided peopled it even maybe some of their closest Africans don't get to sing. It's more than just the physical and I mind my I don't think I would catch her personality. I feel like I'm capturing a little bit and it hasn't someone that Y two hours probably my people watching movies and hours and and so I was cyclists. Saturn Astra cars and you news. These days it's tough to set aside two hours away from our cell phones. Q anything there's someone synchronicity and Tony Stewart and construct just. Being pressed. Our what matters this yesterday outsmart the highest in your own end and and then now many people. Are there now with Carl he's completed more than 300 in the portraits. The project that's very close to his heart. My mother passed away and 2000 trials and backlight Harris I really reevaluating. What my role and how can I just aren't even hasn't let alone would DR Brooks. Torture. I love the ports secure still strong all these years later but it lock down Charles had to get extra creative and I'll. City residents are being foreigners your pleasure or the Internet. Cans for a news tonight I'm as the title wings through. March April main engine. So instead of folks having become into his New York studio Carl's now guns global currency you know. Copper and Australia. Are sorry designer angry and Australia. And because he believes art should be accessible to everyone. He allows interested parties to sit for free teaching them a bit about his process as they teach him a bit about humanity we archer experiences doesn't really matters. How some CU EU for you are in such a divisive moment in US history Carl hopes his portraits inspires some empathy. To reach out beyond her own experience and it was like no. They're not like me and I can absolutely. Face mind is how much I can understand. Are cute and they are just like us. So Karl is from a little town in Kansas with less than 800 people it but he says whether he's paying someone from bear or from Austria or anywhere in between he's realize that all of us. Have something in common if we just give ourselves the time to figure out what it is like. I don't know two hours or so. Yeah surprise actually that people were excited and we're willing to wait two hours does that really cool front yeah and how often do you get to see how people see you it's one thing to take a picture. It's a whole another thing to see how people paint you sell his look. I'll wait detail to was was really really. Really really impressive Perez thanks to well.

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"The artist is using paint to bring people together in his two-hour portrait series. ABC’s Will Ganss has the story.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72024703","title":"Amazing Americans: Carl Grauer","url":"/WNN/video/amazing-americans-carl-grauer-72024703"}