'American Idol': Nicki vs. Mariah?

"American Idol" begins with the drama of a feud between the two pop divas.
2:32 | 01/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'American Idol': Nicki vs. Mariah?
Well now it is time. For this -- and American Idol is rolling out tonight and the mid American Idol -- you are low -- that's -- watching with the -- we love that and -- and not his opening up about that feud with Mariah -- that -- -- you know -- -- -- talking about and talked about the shoe is on Ellen today to close into -- have to say. I heard -- thing right and them. One new on the panel but I was in now on -- and Mariah and I was like -- he would -- don't believe everything you read you greatly. And I went there and I tennis I am feeling a little bit of like -- -- And I just kind of like all the compensated by being -- PR. I'm really not -- -- you guys like seriously -- not. -- On the day and and that's -- We also are -- -- of that TMZ. Video where she was screaming. -- riot and Mariah told our very own Barbara Walters that she was -- Good for her life and have that extra security because. -- demonize -- threatened terrorist -- -- hopefully she didn't some crazy Psycho and and now they get along at the end of the day. On American Idol but we will also -- for your wife has rather extreme. Well apparently any -- to Mariah. -- Intact. I would say yeah that she was actually. Fearful should we stick for the American -- side American Idol judges and the focus of the new season coming up it's going to be Mariah Carey nick seminars and Keith Urban and as a big price tag of 36 million dollars worth the judge's final -- -- -- are out there where the children and clearly showed us too because the ratings have a road and it's really bit of challenge this year it's not. Quite the juggernaut it wasn't Dell lost its status -- the most watched TV program -- time. Since 2003 was eclipsed by Sunday Night Football last year so the big question is will the big bucks of these new judges be enough to sort of get back on top and keep -- from losing some steam. Well we'll see I'm going to be watching Charlie Sheen has an interesting announcement he's 47 years all I guess what he's going to be -- he today. A grandfather OK -- won't know he had a child when he was nineteen. Years -- -- her name is -- Sondra she Estevez apparently Estevez of courses -- Turn away like got wanted to Grandpa's -- he's crazy and yes funny. All he's cool exactly.

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{"id":18226518,"title":"'American Idol': Nicki vs. Mariah?","duration":"2:32","description":"\"American Idol\" begins with the drama of a feud between the two pop divas.","url":"/WNN/video/american-idol-nicki-mariah-18226518","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}