'American Idol': A night of mind-blowing solos

Contestants brought their "A" game to Sunday night's competition, some even bringing Katy Perry to her knees. ABC News' Will Ganss reports.
4:38 | 04/16/18

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Transcript for 'American Idol': A night of mind-blowing solos
Get fat packaging inning off would be. Biggest music and then other weekend. Yes so of course we are talking about the one and only beyoncé and her more wind didn't disagree heard. Record breaking performance at could show amazing what he's earned. Pay room. I I've got some bad news guys and would it this is the only time I'll ever say this but I'm I'm here and I'm not here to talk about beyoncé. Temple so the biggest performance the biggest musical event of the weekend. Don't assume the cello was of me like. Hey hey what if you guys you have the run out of it I'm here to talk about idol guys I I'm so sorry singers were talking I don't give need to nuclear program but yeah I'm so sorry. Okay fine I will tell you though there recently contacted. People always get the I think there's always time for beyoncé but there were some good performances on this week a vital to its. Until they have promised some of them were actually that's a nice idol apology gravel he handled the holy Jihad it's the new you know my memoirs. Before we get to music I have to talk about show stopping. Fashion choices on this week a vital cell I want you guys to weigh in we'll start with Katy Perry. Who this episode. Was. Wearing this field. Very busy patterned jumpsuit thick I have don't stop. Including yeah. Sleeping hot or not ask you. I'm not here currently and I dig figuring out what my parents have a phone and I dig it took me awhile but I think I do get you a ha. It took me all two hours of American Idol to decide that I like half. Maxed out how to talk about Amelio who channel her inner Jerry sign fell. Yup the puffy chair next. It's a little bit prints as well what are you thinking pirate speakership perhaps its normal size the offer from Beauty and the Beast also. Way yeah. I would never thought of that usually don't feel I'm angry beavers. They into every different yeah yeah and finally Matt in poppy and these giant colorful pants. That we're like giving me scandals by some silly thing case the rainbow or skip the scan. Ueberroth. How old path wielded much what I wanted to say as I listened to recover branding key because I loved it. San. Seeing. Sons. Yeah. Again thank you I'm afraid to say because you know what's happened everytime I senate likes the idea that they're plus hits they sing like her. A can like or. Aren't mine I learned a mural died allies it is sad that she's my Fave but she is so. Fingers crossed that that doesn't backfire on her like it has forever and I like but the judges had a lot of praise for her and several of the contestants last night. Including eight on fox. Take a listen to her songs and Katie comment after. He could be weeks rest and wig snaps. Wind and Pluto. Or. The big all the way remotely ignorant and high all night long and several of the contestants were crying. Including Marita steam after her performance and it wasn't just because of the criticism that she got from her mentor Bobby bones take a look. Low fare well hair yeah. Areas for her father is coming in that want to. Well there's been tension there's only makes a lot of them watch can. Blocks video of themselves performing which I don't know if you guys hate it has not decided any time I watch my scope of lake. And that's creditworthy but he has they have fighting and and then the other contestant Nikki made watches scary. And the road and maybe get you to get to dance moves yeah yeah so he made Garrett Watson's own dance and vocal ride to help I. It's exactly like hits but I was like a little while I'm doing anymore than you better than gear when it's an issue and just point out out of camera you can go to the floor when of these cameras do you see the issues that will moment I figured if we're talking fast and I had up. Where my. Let me beyoncé next Intel says.

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{"id":54495503,"title":"'American Idol': A night of mind-blowing solos","duration":"4:38","description":"Contestants brought their \"A\" game to Sunday night's competition, some even bringing Katy Perry to her knees. ABC News' Will Ganss reports. ","url":"/WNN/video/american-idol-night-mind-blowing-solos-54495503","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}