American Music Awards 2013 Highlights

Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Rihanna and TLC wow with special honors and performances.
3:43 | 11/25/13

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Transcript for American Music Awards 2013 Highlights
He's got -- American music awards. Who is interesting show and -- great something's it is downright weird we'll start with the downright weird Miley Cyrus she knew it was going to be something interest in coming our way. She got -- wrecking ball. She's selling. She dresses pretty revealing again that no surprise there but the big surprise was the -- -- -- on the screen behind. Synching the words as she sent it to stayed up there and go away -- Strange to say the least Twitter verse lit up. -- -- As we -- is it was is distracting otherwise she got plenty of attention out of assault nobody's really talking about so -- -- -- road. Our Lady Gaga she arrived at the AMA is on a makeshift course. Drops of the proper check -- that horse. Nicely done. Hey big what are the night Deborah Taylor Swift tell us what went artist of the year she looked great she won 3M days 14 -- in the about election most. Wars by any artist. The up. She was that the first -- icon -- -- strange -- mean under no disrespect but don't you think an icon is going to be some wrong -- who gets out of rocking chair and -- up there were gray -- she's only 2525. -- she wins the icon award by the -- her mother was there to present the award -- -- -- -- -- -- touching moment -- -- -- -- -- -- -- exchange -- -- it was that was quite charming. And TLC they perform waterfalls one of the biggest hits. -- that little -- singing a select locations looks so yeah uninteresting show and Miley Cyrus once again steals the show this -- Out of sheer weirdness when he got. All right speaking -- still in the show the Hunger Games catching fire has that made. A box office record it is now the fourth biggest opening film that like 661 million dollars. And about the Dark Knight out of fourth place and by the way here. What I'm hearing the avengers is that have the number one debuted an Iron Man and then Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part still. But this -- getting great reviews -- Plus it's trying to -- a lot more people. To the box office -- -- -- -- no doubt about it my daughter gave two thumbs up she loved it. Our GQ has a list of at least influential celebrities out at least influential celebrities. This -- I can imagine Dennis Rodman and had no surprises there he tops the list for the celebrities and don't really want to be on this list. The least influential according -- GQ magazine of course he visited North Korea and he's going back there again. List also includes. Check out Justin Bieber. -- in that Gosling Will Smith. -- want to princess Ryan Reynolds -- you know. That's what we can never get out of Enron clearly the most influential and area President -- on the list at number seventeen an -- and GQ magazine gets nothing done so. Never mind that we just talked about Miley Cyrus -- night. You're exactly right she doesn't -- nothing nothing at all okay this is -- just you know Michael Jackson is a couple of his items are being sold at auction including. That they just flat shoes those loafers. That he warned him as Billie Jean performances and -- that I love that they -- worst game Preston glove. There are expected to get about forty to 50000 dollars of I think at least I thought the global non option. Well maybe -- was the white -- is that the white blue and white glove. This is back on auction this morning did not -- -- like he -- maybe it was the others. The other a lot of other -- or what it's time don't normally drives a cab that you're interested it's out there folks.

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{"id":21002919,"title":"American Music Awards 2013 Highlights","duration":"3:43","description":"Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Rihanna and TLC wow with special honors and performances. ","url":"/WNN/video/american-music-awards-2013-highlights-21002919","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}